should i not use plastic??

cindyandmochaJuly 17, 2010

OK now I feel ignorant, humbled, and guilty. I thought I knew a lot about dogs, and have always tried to do my best to give mine the best of care and training.

One of my dogs is particularly allergy-prone. I read a recent thread about using a plastic water bowl -- which I do.

How bad is it and what is the best solution? All of my dogs drink out of a huge plastic bowl.

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The problem with certain plastics only comes when foods are heated in them. It takes very high heat for any of the plastic to enter the food. So no, you aren't taking any chances with plastic water and feed containers.

Somebody somewhere has the unique job of trying to scare the pants off of everybody!

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When I was growing up, my dogs all ate and drank out of plastic bowls. When I adopted my first dog, I bought the same type of plastic bowls. After a day or so, my dog started rubbing his nose, and I saw it was a little bit red. I switched him to stainless steel, and like magic he was fine!
IMO (just a pet owner,not a professional ;) )as long as your dog isn't allergic to the plastic like mine was, it should be fine.

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It's not the plastic that is the problem. Bacteria such as staph can stick to plastic and it's very difficult to disinfect well enough. Bacteria can't stick to stainless steel as well. Some dogs and cats are very allergic to staph, and that's why switching bowls to SS makes a difference. Most pets are fine eating and drinking out of plastic bowls, and there is nothing inherently wrong with using them. They are safe.

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p-benzylhydroquinone is the compound purportedly responsible for the interference with melanin production. It has nothing to do with whether the rubber or plastic is heated or not. BPA is another chemical under scrutiny and is used as a plastic hardener. It doessupposedly throws off traces whether heated or not.

I use stainless steel waterer for my doggie, but he also has a plastic food dish. He doesn't seem to be bothered by it.

I like ceramic and stainless and may switch him over to the ceramic food bowl, but mostly because it has a very heavy bottom and doesn't be moved about when he feeds.

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I should have said safe-ish, inherent qualities of plastic notwithstanding, as calliope pointed out.

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One of my first two cats was prone to breakouts on her chin. Vet or someone at the time had recommended switching from the plastic bowls we had been using. Switched to Corelle (Pyrex) bowls for food and for water and problem cleared up for good.

We switched to a flatter, stainless steel bowl (w/rubber base) for water for our two current cats a couple of years ago. When one of them was younger, she used to splash a lot when we used a china bowl for their water (I guess my everyday dishes weren't "fine" enough for her! LOL).

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I use ceramic bowls for cats and dogs for their food, and stainless bowls for water. However I just bought a huge melamine water bowl for the dogs. They go thru a lot of water in this hot summer.I hope it won't be a problem.

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The problem isn't plastic getting into the food - it's the food getting into the plastic which can't be cleaned well and will harbor bacterial growth. Stainless steel is best, ceramic ok too.

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Thanks guys, I feel a little better. These guys are water hogs. But then again, its 4 dogs (100, 86, 60, and 30 lbs respectively) drinking out of the same bowl in the den, so that's a frequent water change. Which in turn is a frequent trip to the kitchen. I'll just keep a pitcher in there for just that and use that to make the refill trip (almost have a new kitchen).

Heh.. I tried to convince DH to let me put a tap in the den where they eat and drink near the water bowl, but he rolled his eyes at me. I still love that idea and the battle isn't over. I will likely switch to stainless (that's what they eat out of) or ceramic.

I've noticed a few times over the years that Mocha (the allergy expensive dog.. lol) gets something that looks like bumps or pimples on his chin now and then -- not often and not always, but I've noticed them before. I am wondering if its not akin to cat-mom's cat problem with an allergy as well. Lord knows he's allergic to a lot -- though it's been a relatively good year for hotspots so far. We made it through June which was always the worst.


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