Use food processor to chop chocolate?

catherinetDecember 15, 2011

I'm having major finger/hand arthritis problems. I'm making alot of bark this year. Can I put chunks of almond bark in the food processor to make it small enough so it will quickly melt? I just didn't want to hurt my food processor. Thanks.

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Have never tried it, but thinking shred... with really SHORT pulses, NOT putting pressure on feed tube... in case machine balks??

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You shouldn't have any problems. I wouldn't shred/grate it but put it in the bowl. Can you get it into chunks small enough to fit into the bowl (like fist size or smaller, depending on the size of your processor) and distribute it around all the "sides"? You should just be able to whirl, pulse to the size you want. I put ice in mine all the time, which probably dulls the blade, but doesn't hurt the motor.

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Depends on the processor....if it's a good one should be no problem....but if it's a $39.95 special....I wouldn't.
But if you have a Cuisinart or a Kitchen aid...I would grate the chocolate, You will get even pieces and it will melt in a flash!
Linda C

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I would also use the coarse grater on the food processor - I think that would be easier to control than the blade that fits inside the bowl, and you will get more even results, as Linda said. If you have really large pieces, you could consider using the slicer.


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Thanks everyone,
It didn't even occur to me to think of using any of the grater/slicing discs! Duh!
Thanks for the suggestions!

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