My cat who poops on my rug and throws up

eastiemmJuly 9, 2010

My cat Ricky is 10 years old & I have had him over 1 year now as, I adopoted him...he had a rough year here but, was doing so much better but, he seems to vomit a lot and, he goes very loose with his bowels a lot & seems to poop on the rug in my bedroom & some times he skips a day but, his box is clean & he also does poop in it....he was to the vet last month but, did not find out whay he was doing these things as, they wanted me to have him have a ultra sound & I just had a big bill with them......he has no teeth in the front of his mouth as, do not know what happened with his previous owners because after owning him for 9 yrs they went & brought him to a kill shelter but, he was taken to a no kill shelter in which I got him....I love him but, these things are very annoying and, the vets charge so much & I am a senior on a low income & I feed him high quality cat food & avoid food with meat by products or gluten......I wish there was a answer to help me?

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I wish I had an answer for you, the only thing I can think of is that his whole world has been turned upside down. I once rescued a dog that never recovered from her humans throwing her away, in the 4 years I had her nothing I did could make her happy. I dont think they ever get over their broken hearts. maybe if you could just block off areas where he's doing his doing damage. Hopefully others will have better advice for you. Bless your heart for taking him into your home

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Maybe you can find out if it's at all possible to work out some sort of payment plan with the vet to run further tests. In the meantime, maybe you could try other food.

Despite feed high-quality food, Ricky could be allergic to certain ingredients in that food (and/or others), or have GE issues (that cause the vomiting and loose stools). You might try a food that is specifically for GE issues. When one or both of our previous cats started vomiting after meals with some frequency, the vet had us feed them Purina EN soft-moist food (came in foil-lined pouches). This was 7-8 years ago, so there could be better options from which to choose. Our resident vets/techs will hopefully weigh in with some suggestions.

Good luck!

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Yes, your kitty could be allergic to something in the food.

Here's another thought. Does he eat dry food? If he does, it's possible he's gobbling the food down too quickly and that could be causing the vomiting. I know that doesn't necessarily explain the poop, but try feeding him only a little bit of food at a time. Like give a small portion and then wait 20 mins. Then give him a little bit more etc. That might help with the vomiting. If he gets wet food you could try it that way too. Just give a little bit at a time.

As for the poop in the wrong place. As cats age sometimes they get forgetful - just like humans. My previous cat had this problem. He went in the wrong places, but once we moved the box it almost stopped. I say almost b/c sometimes he had accidents, but it was definitely a lot less. I would try putting out more than one box. Keep one in the usual place and another in the bedroom where he does inappropriate poop.

I hope this helps!

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I had a cat with those problems, she had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). It tended to act up when she was stressed, and food allergies seemed to also impact it. I gave her grain free wet food which seemed the easiest thing for her to digest. Eventually our vet put her on daily pregisone to reduce the inflammation of her bowels. That helped a lot. There's a very helpful yahoo group for cats with IBS/IBD.

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My cat had those symptoms and was diagnosed with IBD. He took prednisone for a long time but I've been able to get him off of it finally after feeding him Natural Balance Duck and Pea food and nothing else.

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