Questions on installing PVC for gas hot water tank vent.

cruzmislFebruary 12, 2012

Hi All,

I'm planning on buying an AO Smith Vertex hot water tank to replace my rental. Since we built the house, the local code has changed and I need to run a CPVC vent instead of the abs that is currently there.

My basement is finished so I need to run the pipe and build a bulkhead around the pipe after. I have a few questions though.

1. Should the pipe be level or should it drain away from the house to allow for any condensation to drain away

2. Is there a minimum distance it needs to be mounted from any walls? I want the bulkhead to be as small as possible.

3. How far apart do the pipe supports need to be?

and lastly whats the best way to seal the brick where the pipe exits? I was thinking of using a low expansion foam then a rubberized caulk on the outside.

Any other ideas greatly appreciated.


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I suppose this "vent" is for the flue gases? How do you know that the existing vent is ABS? Often installation manuals/instructions are online at the manufacturers website. In the title, you post PVC. In the message, you post CPVC. They are not interchangeable for physical size nor for most uses. How do you know which AO Smith specifies?

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