Class action suit involving many pet foods

soozJuly 27, 2011

Here's the link to the article:

The class action suit is against some of the top and highly rated human-grade, not-from-china, dog food manufacturers: Innova, EVO, California Natural, HealthWise, Mother Nature & Karma, all made by Natura.

You may want to scroll down that article's page and read the comments posted.

There were a number of problems in 2008 with Innova and cyanuric acid and melamine plastic containant from China, finding broken piece of glass in the bag, and hair. See eye-opening source with photos:

My personal experience with EVO pet food was that In April or May of this year, I found white and black hard spots of something in this dry dog food so I returned the food, along with the article I printed out from the above reference source, and decided to never buy anything from this company or their subsidiaries or sister-companies EVER again.

These kinds of business practices are unconscionable, and visited on the most innocent of all, our beloved pets who love us unconditionally and trust us to care for them!!!


Dog Lover From Birth

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While the class action is a good idea, most plaintiffs wont get much money and it may not change much. Hopefully it will force pet food companies to inspect their prodcuts on a regular basis.
The problem with most "I found something in the bag" suits is that it is hard to prove where the debris in the bag actually came from and the companies will fight the suits on that one item. Probably stating debris could come from shipping or the pet store etc...

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