how to counter the grayness of white dove paint

ths13March 4, 2013

Hi all
i finished my kitchen about 1 1 /2 years ago and used BM white dove for the cabinets. i have never really been a fan of the white dove and wished i used a warmer white. i presently have the walls painted a taupish color and want to add a little drama. i love the idea black walls. i have a 10 x 10 dining area in the kitchen with a cathedral ceiling that is wainscoted( sp?) and leaded glass triple casement windows on both walls in the nook.there really is not that much wall. the wall is really broken up by windows and doors. the wood portion is white dove to match the cabs as is all the trim. my question is what color black would make the gray of white dove calm down. i was thinking of either BM soot or BM midnight or F&B off black,

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Could you post a photo? I'm thinking the colors you mention would only make it worse. Something not so severe and softer would seem to lessen the effect of the white dove. Something softer, a taupe-y gray such as Shenandoah Taupe by BM? Your kitchen sounds lovely.

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I agree with gr8day. I can't imagine anything much worse than black walls (soot? midnight?), period. But especially if you're trying to warm things up. Although I know what you mean about White Dove having a slight gray cast, but I don't think it's that bad. How's the light in your kitchen? Can you add more to warm things up?

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Do you want to minimize the gray in the cabinets or generally warm up the space?

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I just finished doing a lot of trim in white dove. I know what you mean by the slight grayish tone, but it's all relative. If it's next to something warm such as taupe walls, or hardwood it will look cool. If it's next to a wall that is cooler in tone it will look warm. So if you just want your cabinets to look warmer, make sure you use a cool color for the walls whatever the value.

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I have my cabinet doors / drawers and was all set to paint them with White Dove. Now you all are scaring me!

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Jeri--White Dove looked dingy gray with a sickly yellowy-green undertone in my light. I couldn't understand why the color was so popular. As with any color you're contemplating, buy a test pot, paint a large paper or board, and move it around the room in your light and in different times of the day and evening. That's the only way to really judge the best color for you.

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I'm with Breezy on White Dove. It looked dingy compared to my other white finalists. I did discover that comparing color choices to one another muddied the waters, once you've narrowed it down to two or three choices. In the end, it's really how a single color looks in your space, not how it differs from a similar one. I think the light and other elements of your kitchen are huge factors, esp. the light. At certain times of day I get some green from neighbor's foliage, but I filter it out and don't see it anymore. It would be there regardless of the paint color.

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