my kitten keeps urinating on my bedclothes

motherofkyJuly 2, 2010

About 6 weeks ago, we found a stray kitten in our yard. It was cold, so we brought her inside and posted flyers. Since nobody responded, we decided to keep her.

Everything was fine for 3 or 4 weeks, but for some reason unknown to us, she decided that our bed was the perfect place to pee. It was happening anywhere from once a week to once a day. At first she was peeing while we slept, but we figured out that it was because she didn't like the dark, so we started leaving the closet light on. That seemed to be the solution, but only for a week or so. We can't lock her out of the room at night, because our other cats won't keep quiet if the door isn't open.

Now she pees on all of the beds in the house, but only when they have bedclothes on them. If they're just bare mattresses, she leaves them alone. Tonight my girlfriend was taking the laundry out of the dryer, and she set the blankets on the stairs for literally one minute. In that space of time, Halo managed to pee on all of them.

Having read some of the other threads, we immediately went out and got her a litter box of her very own. Hopefully this will help. We also plan to get her to the vet as soon as humanly possible, we just need to actually find a vet.

If anyone has any other remedies, please, please let me know.

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I can't offer anything other advice except to get her to a vet asap. Cats don't normally do that unless they are trying to tell you they aren't feeling well. Whatever vet you are using for your other cats will be fine I am sure.

Good Luck, and she is very lucky you saved her :)

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Yep, get her to the vet ASAP. Because she's peeing on the bedclothes (i.e. soft items), there's a strong possibility that she's got a UTI.

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I am also wondering if she doesn't feel safe using the litterbox because the other cats bother her?

My boy cat was almost full grown when we got our girl cat and he would pester her when she was in the box (he was eager to play, he adores her and has from the beginning). He also would bump her off her food dish if he finished first. I was able to break him of those habits by keeping watch and telling him "no". He now patiently waits for her to finish eating, using the box, etc.

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Are you using a fabric softener or dryer sheets? There is a possibility that the scent from the laundry is attracting her to the bedding.

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