Refrigerator water pressure low since water heater was replaced

slappitusFebruary 10, 2012

We just got our water heater replaced, and ever since then the water pressure from the refrigerator is very low and it barely produces any ice.

I've replaced the water filter. The water pressure returned to normal for a couple minutes. But now it's back to slow-flow mode, and I'd like to get this fixed.

Had a plumber come out yesterday and he gave me a $350 estimate to replace the water line. Before I move forward on this, just wanted to ask: a) is this a common problem after a water heater replacement; b) does this price seem reasonable; and c) is it possible the low water pressure is related to an issue w/the refrigerator?

Any assistance/advice that can be provided here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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If you have a saddle valve supplying water to your refer, the small hole it makes in the water line when first installed has probably become clogged with a bit of corrosion/debris that was washing through the pipe and ended up trying to pass through that hole.
First-of-all, saddle valves are prone to this type of failure and are not approved by any plumbing code that I know of.
Secondly, until you have the saddle valve replaced by a proper 1/4 turn valve, you can try to clear the clog by turning the valve all of the way closed, run water from the cold water faucets in the area, then open the saddle valve fully and see if the immediate problem is corrected. (Hoping that closing the valve forced the debris out of the orifice and running the water washed it downstream.)

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You probably got debris in the line which is now clogging it. I would pull the fridge from the wall, disconnect the line to the fridge and place it in a bucket, then open the valve and let it flush out. You probably need to replace the filter again. Also, if you can run without the filter (is there a bypass plug), use that and flush out the water lines in the fridge.

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