Bianco Romano/what color Sillgranite ll sink?

SaraKatMarch 9, 2013

Does anyone have this combination and if so what color of Silgranite ll sink did you choose or would you choose? I am considering the Smart Divide sink by Blanco Silgranite ll. If you have any other suggestion I'd be interested, I do need the 60/40 or 70/30 divide because I cannot change my plumbing at this point.

Thank you for any suggestions you might be able to offer.
(Bianco Romano granite suggestion for sink color)

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...I do need the 60/40 or 70/30 divide because I cannot change my plumbing at this point

I can't answer on the color of sink that you need but I did want to interject that changing the drain from a double outlet to a single outlet is a very, very minor thing, easily DIYable. In fact, the chance of a new sink's drain aligning with the old is very slim and you'll most like have to alter the current set-up anyway.

And even if you have to call a plumber to do it, the cost will be insignificant compared to the outlay for granite, a new sink and likely, a new faucet. So, if you were entertaining a notion to switch to a single basin, don't allow your current drain set-up to limit your choices.

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Ditto Cilantro.

And on the sink color question, slabs of the same named stone can vary wildly both in color and in movement. Some slabs might look better with the cafe brown, or maybe truffle, or maybe biscotti. If you can post pics of YOUR slab(s), we can suggest the best color for YOU.

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I think if you like contrast, pick the Silgranit Anthracite color, for the striking drama of the contrast against the light Bianco Romano. If you want the sink to blend, then I would pick the Silgranit Biscuit, which would blend well. I think the Biscotti is too yellow, the truffle too taupe. Just MHO.

I agree with Breezygirl as to differences among slabs of the same granite. You should narrow down your choices of sink color to a few, then call Blanco customer service. They will send you color chips in the mail. You can hold the chips against your slab and decide which one goes best.

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Thank you everyone for the helpful advice. Dually noted and will definitely call for samples, what a good idea. Thanks so much again and also for the plumbing advice. Very much appreciated.

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Hi, sorry to hijack your post but I can not figure out how to start a new thread.

I have the same question.. what color silgranit sink will work with my bianco romano countertop? I have attached a picture of the slab.

I haven't finalized my backsplash color yet - but the accent tile - over the cooktop - that I'm leaning towards has a gray & stainless steel to it. It's the flash bright from emser tile. Will that look good with bianco romano?


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I have a very similar (colour wise) granite to you and we picked a white Blanco sink. I think Biscuit would have worked well too. I love Truffle, it just didn't go with our cabinets.

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beaches that looks beautiful! I have always loved Bianco Romano and love looking at photos of kitchens where it is used. Thanks for posting that looks beautiful!

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Thank you so much! Your kitchen looks great with the white blanco sink and that's very helpful to see it in a real setting. I love a clean look like that. I don't know if I could get used to a black sink though I do think they are beautiful I guess I am just stuck in my little white sink world. I am looking forward to receiving the sink samples and the granite place said that they sold the slabs they had in stock and are waiting for more to arrive so that's where it's at for now.

@ci_lantroI have to have a two bowl combo because I have a separate bowl for the garbage disposal and my husband likes that there are two drains and not just one with the disposal attached. I think I like that best, too. If I didn't already have a brand new disposal I might consider not having one and going the single bowl route for sure. I don't really use the disposal all that much but since it's there and new, I guess I'll trudge on with the thing.. : )))
Thanks again for the helpful advice.

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Maybe I didn't read that right, but you can have a GD with a single bowl sink. I have GDs at each of my single bowl sinks. Easy.

Have you requested silgranit samples from Blanco yet?

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Hi breezygirl, I confess it is on my to do list. Yes, I know you can have a GD in a single bowl but DH likes them separate for some unknown reason. He likes to keep the cover on it when it's not in use and thinks it kind of smells. Probably if we used it all the time it wouldn't. We both work so it's a rare occasion when we are peeling and chopping from scratch. Probably didn't even need the thing but our builder had it as a standard item at the time. I do find it very helpful when we do cook a decent meal from scratch. We both travel and it's such a treat to eat at home!!! Thanks for the great advice though.

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Thank you! We love the sink. I was nervous getting white, but it has been so easy to keep clean. No problems at all.

We too have the garbage disposal in our single bowl sink. No issues. But we had space issues, so we didn't have a lot of options...

Helpful GW Sink Threads:

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Thank you so much! Will check out the threads.

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Sarakat - going a little OT here, but a disposal should not smell whatsoever. If it does, it likely means the food is not being ground completely. Typically, when that is the case, it is because the disposal is one of the lower-end "badger" styles, which is what builders usually provide as "standard" as you said. This topic has been discussed on this forum and the Appliances forum a number of times. The disposal should be a 3/4 hp disposal or a 1 hp disposal, nothing less. You should buy your own disposal, not use what the builder gives you, unless he is providing a 3/4 hp or 1/hp model. Both Insinkerator and Waste King make excellent disposals. Again, search for threads on these topics. Many people say they wouldn't have a disposal less than 1 hp, but those 1 hp disposals take up more space under the sink. I have a 3/4 hp disposal and it is great. If you still have drain smells with a 3/4 hp disposal, then there is something wrong with your plumbing venting.

I myself am a single-bowl person, and I prefer having just one drain. Many people will only have a double bowl sink, and feel just as strongly, so it is a personal choice.

I vote for the Silgranit Biscuit color, as I would be concerned that the white is too "white" for your granite. But it is best for you to see samples of both colors right against your granite. Have you received the samples from Blanco?

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beaches - that is really pretty!!!

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