HELP! Cutting a gas line for a kitchen remodel

tungsten79February 5, 2013

Hello all - redoing the kitchen and have a question about a gas line. It's currently a few inches away from the viking range we bought - there is only a narrow channel built into the range for the gas line to fit behind the stove. Otherwise, we have to move all the cabinets and stove forward by almost 2" to make them flush with the edge of the gas line.

I want to cut the gas line to below the rise of the cabinets, then use an elbow joint to have it rise perfectly into the channel for the stove.

Contractor says this isn't possible/recommended because it will be overly difficult in our condo building but I can't imagine this is true.. any help greatly appreciated.

The gas line is currently 19" from the ground (wood floors, then concrete). The ikea base cabinets will have some space below them (they sit on legs). I suppose the line would have to be cut near the floor (almost at the floor surface to accommodate the elbow, extra pipe, etc) -- maybe a flex pipe?

THANKS a ton in advance

here's a picture:

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That bracket on the floor would suggest the pipe needs support. If you pull up on the pipe does it move? How much? What is down below the floor? I suspect there may be a threaded elbow at some point. Couldn't you just unscrew that piece of pipe, and then thread in a shorter piece? The elbow/pipe would have to self support itself below the floor to do that.

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The minute you say 'condo', things get interesting. Like do you have permission to change the pipes inside the wall?

R is right about this being threaded pipe. Cutting an iron pipe and then rethreading is not that simple. Replacing it would be easier.

Also, can you cut off the gas to the building while this is being done or will that shut off service to everyone else in adjacent condo units?

Here is a link that might be useful: pipe

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