Pressure Reducing Valve Question

stitz_crewFebruary 2, 2013

Quick questoin on a PRV. I do not know a great amount about them but know that my water pressure is a bit high here and the water comp said it will be going up. Have not had a chance to get a psi number but know it is high enough to create water hammer. House is ran in pex and the main supply is 3/4" pex and has a main water shutoff in garage. The watts prv seem to be pretty good but do not want to buy pex tools to perform 1 job. Are the sharkbite versions anygood and will they work for the main supply without problems.

Also where is the best place to put one. I want it on the main supply before it branches off to wh and rest of the house.

Any help would be appreciated. Please do not leave postings that say call a plumber. Thanks (Go Indiana)

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There's a water shut-off at your water meter.

A PRV should be installed after the meter and before the shut-off at the water service entrance in your home. Not a bad idea to add a shut-off before the PRV so it can be easily service if necessary.

Watts products are common and the company has been around since wooden pipes.

IIRC code says house system pressure must be below 80psi.

I wouldn't use shark bites on a water service line. For me it would be a mechanical, soldered, or glued connection depending on the service pipe material. In your case I'd call a plumber who is experienced with PEX and has the proper tools and connectors. An iffy connection in the water service line at street pressure could create quite a mess and leave you with a massive water bill that would far exceed the cost of a plumber to do the job right in the first place.

Real plumbers will be along to address your questions and they know more about the codes than I do.

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