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lisa11310July 28, 2009

Sorry, I know I saw one a while back. My Abner (big orange Tabby 6 yrs)has very bad dandruff. It does not seem to bother him. He is not a lap cat or one to be petted a lot except on HIS terms....a real "Morris" kind of guy. The other 3 cats have much sleeker coats and dont have any. He seems in perfect health. Is dry skin an indication of another problem or is it just that...dry skin? They get Friskies Select Indoor canned and Purina one hairball/healthy weight dry. Is there something I should be giving him to help his dry skin? Please don't turn this into what a bad pet owner I am because I feed grocery store food thread. I always have and most of my furbabys have lived beyond their expected years with little problems. As I said the other 3 are sleek and shiney and have the same diet however they are completely different breeds. Thanks for your suggestions!

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Over time I have been owned by four orange cats and all had rather sensitive skin. The solution to your cat's dandruff might be as simple as increasing his intake of fatty acids by dripping a little fish oil on his food.

I understand your request, "Please don't turn this into what a bad pet owner I am because I feed grocery store food thread," and I sincerely hope others will abide by that.

Below is a link to a list of threads where cat dandruff was mentioned:

Here is a link that might be useful: threads referring to cat dandruff

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