Pex insulation in attic

jr3andbFebruary 17, 2013

Building a new home and at punch stage. Until the electricity was on we could not really see what was going on in the attic but now that we can we see, we noticed that the pex line is not insulated in the attic. We live in Texas. Do you see this as a problem?

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To: brickeyee: I am the homeowner. Just your average woman who knows nothing about home building except through discussions on forums or asking professionals. I am not the plumber. Not the builder. No my architectural plans did not have a pex plumbing plan nor did my builder provide a pex plan to me. Yes I do own a flashlight. If you don't mind, I prefer that someone post that can answer my question instead of giving me grief.

I need the help in determining if I should ask my builder to have his plumber insulate the pex in the attic. Can anyone else out there chime in and answer my question?

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No idea of the code in Texas, but it's not regarded as a good practice elsewhere. It may be commonplace there.

Yes, it should be insulated, as well as possible, as a safeguard.

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Not having a set of plans showing framing, electrical, plumbing (at least approximately) is pushing it for any builder.

Houses under construction rarely have lighting except when workers are present.

lighting fixtures are one of the last things to go in to keep construction dust off the and there is one less thing to clean.

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