who has knowledge of good breadmakers, please

ilmbgDecember 2, 2011

I don't have my breadmaker anymore- although it is probably time anyway for an update- mine was about 16 years old- a West Bend.

I have an idea I am going to be told by the doc after some testing that I need to go gluten-free. I see only a few machines have settings for this- it is an important settings in todays world. Who has such a brand that has this setting? How do you like your machine- reality, please, ie, (not because your hubby gave it to you as a gift). If possible I would prefer a horizontal loaf.

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I would suggest a Zojirushi, and to go along with that check out the link below to King Arthur Flour below for a copy of the book, "Gluten Free Baking For The Bread Machine". You may want to get the book first and see if they suggest any particular machine. King Arthur also has Zojirushi Bread Machines available - and shipping is free just now with a $60 (or larger) purchase ;-). You can modify a Zo beyond the normal settings.

I have many books that have gluten-free recipes for the bread machine, so make sure you check what's available at your local library:

-Bread Machine Baking for Better Health - Maureen B. Keane and Daniella Chance

-Bread Machine for Dummies - Glenna Vance and Tom Lacalamita (I give this book to everyone who takes my bread machine classes - I love it!)

-The Gluten-Free Gourmet and More from the Gluten-Free Gourmet - Bette Hagman


Here is a link that might be useful: King Arthur Flour

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I should have read a bit more after finding the link to King Arthur Flour because the book, "Gluten Free Baking For The Bread Machine" are all designed for and tested with a Zojirushi.


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I also would recommend a Zojirushi. I bought one at the thrift store and it is a work horse. And makes great bread every time. The company has also been great about customer support even though I didn't buy it new. They have answered my questions and sent me all kinds of information.

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I'm another one that got a zoji at the thrift store. I've only made about 8 loaves so far, but they have all been really good. It is an absolute workhorse!


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My Daddy has 3 bread machines at this time..he loves to bake bread! He has one Zojirushi from King Arthur and two Panasonic that I purchased for him from Amazon.com. He loves these Panasonic machines and I think they preform better than any machine he has ever had. The bread comes out beautiful and the texture is great! Hope this helps ... when I was searching I read all the reviews on Amazon.

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wow- I knew the Zojirushi were supposed to be great -better be at those prices- I think they are about $200/more. I know they and Cuisinart can do gluten.
lette- does Panasonic do gluten?

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