Crazy thoughts: Wall behind sectional

rgustafsMarch 24, 2014

I finally started putting up the items I have acquired for the big 'ole blank wall behind by 111" side (arm?) of my white slip-covered sectional. 8 foot ceilings, no fancy moldings. I know you are going to say to post a photo, but I don't have one yet since I was so tired last night after trying to get this arrangement to work.

It's two of these mirrors (link below) painted an antique gold (though I might gold leaf them one day if I get the time) and two 20" high by 16" wide abstract paintings by a great artist on Etsy.

I have the two pieces of art stacked in the center, as that's how they were designed. The first piece of art is about 6" above the (eventual) sofa table I am having made. Then I have the mirrors on the outside, about 10" above the table. Lamps are on my current makeshift sofa table so I can check out the composition.

Trouble is that I feel like the wall space above this arrangement is too darn naked. So thoughts start racing through my mind...

1. Do I suspend the mirrors and art from some linen ribbon to take up some of that visual space?

2. Do I get some other art to go above?

3. Do I hang the mirrors like diamonds and see if that will help? (My old plaster walls just love to have more holes in them!)

Argh. Or maybe this is all in my mind and the arrangement is supposed to relate to the sofa and not worry about the naked space?

Thoughts appreciated.


Here is a link that might be useful: Woodland Imports Metal Wall Accent Mirror

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It would seem to me with 8' ceilings you shouldn't worry about the space above the artwork.

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I think we'll have to see it to know what to suggest, so get a pic posted as soon as you can.

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Sorry I have been MIA. Work has gotten the better of me these last few days. Hoping I can take a photo this evening so I can get some feedback.

Many thanks!


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Finally had time to snap a photo of the wall causing me trauma at the moment. Sorry it's so dark. Please don't judge the fact that I haven't finished sewing the pillows or...uh...anything else in this room yet.

The sectional is 111" long on that side along the wall. I have a makeshift table between the sectional and the wall to help you see the height of the two lamps that will be placed near each mirror.

And don't mind my too-short fiddle leaf fig in the corner. His larger brother will eventually go in that spot to take up visual space so it's not as noticeable that the mirrors and art are centered on the sectional and not on the length of the wall.

That's because the sectional is about 12" from the wall on the right, where there are some decent sized windows currently wearing hideous blinds that came with this condo. Between that side of the sectional and the windows will also be a table, as my creatures like to look outside.

Yes, those are some lovely patches in the plaster where I originally hung the mirrors too high. I think the mirrors are now the right height, but I am still bothered by the blank wall above the art and mirrors. We're looking at about 30" above the mirrors and 24" above the art. And that tall bookcase on the far left is pretty much locked into that location, but maybe that is what is making me want to have something above the art and mirrors.

Let me know your thoughts. And thank you in advance.


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The space above the arrangement does not look strange to me or need filling. But from the photos, it looks like too much "stuff" behind the sofa, for the space you have. The four pieces, plus two lamps and a plant and the bookcase. You need some breathing room back there.

I might be inclined to find another place for the art, move the mirrors closer together and put the lamps on the outside of the mirrors. Not sure how that would look, but I'd try it. For me, the very heavy frames of the mirrors don't really complement the modern art without frames, although they are all really nice pieces.

I'll be interested to hear what others suggest, too.

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I agree with Olychick, remove the art and do what she said.

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I just wanted to comment that as usual I really couldn't visualize what you were describing- and while I agree there is maybe too much stuff behind the sofa, I really love what you have done and those mirrors looks great- I also think the selection and arrangement of the pillows is terrific. I love the way the art work complements the pillow colors. I am not sure if the wall stuff is too crowded but maybe together with the book case and lamp etc it is too crowded. In any case though I love your selections and think they really do look great.
And the space above the mirror/art looks just fine. Possibly you could raise everything a few inches higher, but nothing else is needed heighwise.

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I also would remove the artwork and hang the mirrors a few inches higher and closer together. The current arrangement is very busy.

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What else do you have in the room? I agree the art work should go on another wall and the mirrors hung close together...not any higher. The bookcase is nice, but with the lighter colors and the dark bookcase, not so sure. Could you paint the bookcase white/lighter, or do you have other dark peices in the room?

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Thanks for all your help with this dilemma, everyone. I finally was able to move the mirrors closer together and shift the artwork to another wall. I wish I were good about talking lovely staged professional looking photos, but this is what you get in my house -- unfurled fabrics for the pillows I still haven't sewn, blankets flung on the sectional, and bolts of fabric shoved under the chaise. Oh well. At least the cat looks like he belongs?

I am liking it much better now. I think the art will stay there until I hang the drapes, which may be a while given all my other projects and ideas. The pillows need to be sewn, and we need to build the huge table that will go behind the sectional. So much work so little time...

Everyone, including joaniepoanie, olychick, yayagal, kswl: Thanks for taking the time to offer great advice.

Grandmaof3: I do have lots of walnut pieces in my house, though I have thought of painting the bookcases a time or two. Maybe one day I will do it.

sheilaaus122: Thanks for the compliments. We are liking things so far, but we are taking it slooooow.

Thanks again!


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I think your amended arrangement, (the second one), looks fantastic! The mirrors are highlighted and the artwork can be best appreciated with this arrangement. Good job!

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I also really like the picture you posted after changing things around. Nice work!!

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This is looking really nice! The artwork does show up better in the new location and the mirrors look very good. Please post more pictures as you get further along. I'm also working with a sectional and trying to figure out artwork and lighting and am learning from your post and all of the suggestions. Love the kitty :-)

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I think I missed this update. That new arrangement looks great! And the lived-in look is good, too, especially that kitty.

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