random incontinence- 1yr. old spayed female

booboo60July 31, 2009

My lab, Ruby, seems to be incontinent at times. She has had her one year check-up and seems to be healthy in every other way. It's hard to understand how she can lose control when at times she can "hold it" for so long! You know, when traveling for instance, I stop to take her potty and walk her around and around and she won't go. Then all of a sudden some morning I will let her out of her crate and her bed is wet. Or one evening I was noticing her napping on my hardwood floor and she was leaking! There doesn't seem to be any "pattern".

What could it be?


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You need to discuss this with your Vet. The first thing that should be done is a U/A to rule out infection. Is she having accidents when she is awake? It sounds like spay incontinence which is usually seen in older spayed dogs but can occur at anytime after spay. There are med's that can help.

I can relate to your frustration as we have a 19 month old spayed dog with incontinence. Unfortunately, hers is much more complicated than spay incontinence.

Good luck and let us know what you find out.


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My lab, Abby, developed spay incontinence at 1 year of age. She could leak any time, but it was generally something that occurred more when she was asleep.

Definitely rule out an infection, then your vet will give you meds to control it.

Though it's not common as far as I know, we used a human homeopathic product with Abby- it worked wonders.

Abby was fat when she was young and we helped her lose weight to become a more normal size dog by around the time we started doing the homeopathy. I always wondered if being overweight added to the problem.


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It could be a urinary tract infection (very common), kidney disease, liver disease, congenital defect, bladder tumor, estrogen-dependent incontinence, deep sleep, or any other number of things. I suppose her yearly check up didn't include evaluation for this issue. She needs at least a urinalysis before jumping to any diagnoses...

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