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green_growJuly 17, 2009

One of our 21 chickens has been injured by a wild animal and it is bledding drop by..... drop and is not totally injred we think it broke a leg and a wing. I do not know what to do and i dont want to lose this chicken, we have lost 3 this year so far and i do not want to lose another so if possible post a helpful comment.... THANKS ;)

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Please ask your question on the Farm Life forum, linked below, where there are many chicken experts and the discussions move quickly.

This Pets Forum is mostly about dogs and cats.

That being said, could you possibly take your chicken to a vet to have its leg and wing set? Also, is there a way you could make the enclosure more secure so this doesn't happen again?

Here is a link that might be useful: Farm Life forum

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Bleeding, Broken leg and Broken wing. The "drop by drop" bleeding can be fixed. Chickens don't really use/need a wing. The broken leg however...

Sorry but these injuries say the chicken cant live with one leg. I grew up with my Grandparents having a working farm. With those injuries, the chicken would be Sunday Supper.

As petloid said, you should make their enclosure more secure. Course I also remember Grandpas gun, no matter how secure there was always wildlife wanting into the barn and chicken coop.

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Another problem that you are going to have, assuming you find a fix it for the chicken... is that the other chickens will recognize that this is an injured bird and they will start to peck at it, injuring it even further. It will have to be separated from the rest of the chickens until it heals.. and then you have the problem of re-introducing a strange bird back into the flock. Its not going to be easy all the way around.

sorry about your chicken... let us know how it fares.

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Sorry to hear about your chicken. Please keep us posted. Many years ago I rescued a chicken from beside a busy road that had similar injuries. I assume that she fell from a truck that was taking a load of chickens to the processing plant. As she ate and drank well I kept her confined to a box until she was getting around and then she went back outside. She had a very pronounced limp but lived to a very ripe old age with no further problems. I say give her a chance to mend and then keep an eye on her around the others as joepyeweed has mentioned, Good luck.

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