contractor just walked out on me, drain question

mary_maryFebruary 17, 2012

We are in process of a shower rip-out and redo because first tile guy did not slope floor correctly.

Today, new tile guy was going to finish new tile installation --slope is good, sealed with hydroban , etc.

Last night , I looked down the Oatey pvc drain and saw what looks like a hunk of mortar clinging to side of drainpipe. Maybe 1 big tablespoon in size--not enough to impede water, but big enough for debris to cling to. I tried to dislodge it gently, but it was hard as rock.

This morning I asked tile guy if it is a problem. He got very angry, said he is not a plumber. Said, he did not drop mortar in the drain, it is a mineral deposit.

His English ability is very limited. He took my question as an insult and walked out. Thoughts anyone ? I feel terrible.

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Why feel terrible? Please remember, he works for you.

Your question to him seemed proper to me.

Insist he get his sorry a** back on the job and grow up.

Best wishes,

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2 bad tile contractors in a row seems to be a bit above the law of averages. Are you doing reference checks and viewing their past work in person before hiring them?

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I hope you didn't pay him. Disagreements are par for the course. Walking out is pretty extreme. From your description, sounds like a simple enough question/concern to me.

FWIW, I don't hire contractors that I'm unable to communicate with. Where I live, there are many non-English speakers. When I contract for jobs in my home, I've learned to insist on at least one competent English-speaker in attendance. No disparagement toward anyone, but I must be able to communicate.

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FWIW, I don't hire contractors that I'm unable to communicate with

How would things get done otherwise ???

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