Lazypup, HELP, please

oldnorskieFebruary 10, 2011

i have a vented 3" line that i would like to combine with a vented 4" under a basement floor. i would add a toilet, tub & shower into the 3" as it travels to the 4" (all short runs) and use an AAV on the lavs. seems like i remember you telling others that this type of wet venting was fine. my original post is down about one page titled "basement venting" with a link to a sketch. thank you, oldnortskie

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'Wet Venting' is fine for bathroom groups located on the same horizontal branch, but an AAV is not 'wet venting'.

In fact, I highly doubt LazyPup would recommend any AAV since AAVs are not permitted under his Uniform Plumbing Code (if my merory serves me).

That said, you drainage arrangement is fine, but I would still look to dry vent all fixtures in the bathroom group by connecting them to the existing vent system before it exits the roof, and avoid wet venting under all circumstances and whenever possible.

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