stinky kitten!

booboo60June 12, 2011

Dh and me just got a new kitten. He is a cutie; little tabby, about 3 months old. We took him in last week for his first shots, worming, etc. Vet said to bring him back in a few weeks for another worming and another round of shots. We are noticing that he has an odor to him. At first I thought he was stepping on his poo in the litter box. But now I'm not so sure. I think I will bathe him tomorrow but could it be something else? His rear end looks clean and he does clean himself but when we hold him on our laps we smell this stinky odor! What do you think?


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One possibility is that his anal glands need to be expressed. Make mention of it on your next trip in if you don't get a resolve any other way. It's a very simple procedure for a vet to perform. My vet had to do it for my dog years ago.

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spedigrees z4VT

I haven't ever heard of a cat with anal gland problems, only dogs.

Does kitty's fur/body have a bad odor? I'm just wondering if it could be gas from worms and the de-worming process. If so, the situation should resolve itself once kitty has his followup de-worming and it has time to take effect. Intestinal parasites can cause digestive upsets (gas and runny poop,) esp in one so young. I wouldn't bathe him unless the bad odor is actually in his fur. Cats never or seldom need bathing unless they get into something really disgusting.

Good luck with your new kitty and hoping he soon smells like a little flower!

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We just adopted 2 kittens from a rescue. Apparently there are certain upper respiratory infections that can cause mouth ulcers/ bad breath. Have the vet take a look in his mouth. Good luck and post pics if you can!!

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Kittens (and some older cats) are notorious for "kitten farts." My fist cat Misha passed gas a lot (!) when she was a kitten, but as her digestive system matured and caught up with the rest her, the 'problem" abated.

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We are thinking it is gas too! It's not from his mouth; his head, back, etc. don't smell at all but close to his rear end he does! I am having "difficulties" posting pics for some reason but as soon as I figure it out I will post a pic; he is adorable!
Thanks everyone!

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I'm glad you got to the 'bottom' of it!

(And, yes, cats can have anal gland problems).

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Fori is not pleased

I've had a gassy cat. He never outgrew it. Quite the lap cat and watching people he just met was priceless. Their expression of adoration as this beautiful purring furball leaped into their lap would change to confused horror.

Just awful! :)

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My Sally was very gassy when I first adopted her--she was about 8 months old. It often is the result of switching foods, from where she was before to your house. We nicknamed her "Rosebud"!

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I've just been reading about chlorophyll and it's ability to cleanse an animal's system and eliminate odors. Maybe that would help. Here's a place to buy it or you can try a local natural food store if you're interested. There's plenty of info available if you google it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chlorophyll

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For some reason I have never had a cat in my life with gas(that I noticed). Dogs, yes but no cats. And they're on my lap all the time.

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