cats reaction to vegtables

izzieJune 16, 2010

One of my cats is attracted to carrots. I notice if I peel carrots she reaches into the trash to get some. This is the only thing she does this to. Tonight while I was eating a raw carrot she came up to me to sniff the carrot. She likes to sniff what I am eating quite often. I broke off a small piece to let her lick it. She went a little crazy, almost like catnip reaction. Even nipped at me a few time and gave me her mad at me look. Never has done that before except with catnip.

Anyone else have this happen, and why?

Another cat I had years ago was the same with celery tops/leaves.

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My cat goes crazy for the bag that carrots come in. I think it's the greens she's attracted to most.

She also goes nuts over celery- also, I think it's the leaves.

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One of ours will eat anything green and leafy. Lettuce, celery tops, cilantro, parsley. No idea why. I just give him a few bites.

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I wonder if there's something to the aroma of carrots the reminds your cat of catnip or valerian?

Cats are driven to nibble at greens. Greens are a mechanical aid to digestion, they help the cat to expel (regurgitate) or pass through undigestible stuff such as hair, bone, and gristle. Maybe any fibery food is attractive to cats for the same reason.

Some of mine are whacky about peas. Two of mine will eat roses. Most of them love cooked squash and pumpkin. Some eat spinach and others nibble at parsley.

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That is interesting
My Oopsie(cat) loves lettuce and spinach. He runs to the kitchen when he hears me get veggies out, and begs for a piece
He wont eat meat, raw or cooked, and will only eat Turkey and Giblets FF, besides dry food. Strange, how some cats operate :)

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harebell, how funny that your cats love peas - one of mine eats anything but, and several of the canned food flavors that I feed contain peas... I'm always finding spotlessly licked-clean bowls with one or two petrified peas rattling around inside. No way no how is she going to eat one of those things :o)

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My cat reacts to the carrots and celery the same way as the OPs cat.

It's like catnip on steroids for her.

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All of my cats loved tomato sauce in anything, especially pork and beans. We had a dog who used to steal strawberries from the garden. And yes my housecats, especially the siamese mix loved anything green to chew on.

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Cats have quirks - one of mine loved raw tomatoes. He was not safe to leave near salad bars. Another liked corn on the cob and would lick a cob clean.

Some like cooked carrots, fresh peas, mangos, peaches, or almost anything you can think of.

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I had a few cats that refused to react to catnip, but they went insane over green olives. Cats are odd like that.

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Ah, sweet memories. My old Casey (lost last year at almost 21 yrs), LOVED greens of all kinds, celery leaves being her favorite. She'd sit at the fridge, begging for it several times a day. She'd browse the grocery sacks when I'd get home with them, trying to get to the celery which I bought just for her each week. I still can't buy a stalk of celery without checking out the quality and quantity of its leaves.

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