Pot-filler on exterior wall?

seosmpFebruary 6, 2013


[I also posted this on the Kitchens forum].

I currently have a pot-filler planned in my kitchen remodel. My cooktop, however, will be along an exterior wall.

I'm in the Chicago area where we have some pretty cold winters!

Does anyone here have a pot-filler installed along an exterior wall and live in a similar climate? If so, did you take special care in installing the piping? I've read a few suggestions on various forums, but I don't want to run any risk of freezing pipes!

My alternative is to install a deck-mounted pot-filler, but I'd prefer wall-mounted (simply for looks).


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Just insulate the bajezus out of the wall cavity, shouldn't be a problem. You should also wrap the pipes with a pipe sleeve.

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I'm in Pennsylvania and it gets cold here too. I have a shower fixture on an outside wall with an access panel on the outside. its all covered in siding with J channel around it so it can be removed to service. I know it is well insulated and the pipes are wrapped too. it has never frozen even when it has got to 10*F outside.

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