cat attacks

vampixenJune 19, 2012

Ok He is a great cat for one..we got his at a animal shelter in 03(for my Birthday)...but my problem is he loves the Dad of the house meaning (he only gets in his lap..He is always looking and crying when he leaves)with me it's more time to eat and if you don't feed me now..I'LL CLAW YOU..I'm not talking ankle can see how big he is..I mean almost whole leg Claw...HOW DO i GET HIM to STOP..AND HOW DO i GET HIM TO COME TO ME LIKE HE DOES HIM..WITHOUT HURTING ME

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I meant we Got Him* In a animal shelter

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He's beautiful!

He needs to know that you're the "go to" person:
you feed, you water, you brush, etc.

Dad needs to ignore him.

I wish you the best.

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Seriously, this is not an unusual situation, nor is it an easy one to find a solution to... anti anxiety meds, Feliway, Rescue Remedy, etc. all may help, but behavior modification in an adult cat with an unknown history can be a long term project, and often fraught with disappointment and danger. Be careful! You may simply not be a good owner for this particular cat. Cat's can end you up in the hospital if you are not careful.

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If you feed him right away every time he claws you, his cat brain thinks he will get a food reward for clawing.

Without meaning to, you are teaching him to claw you to get food.

If my cat clawed me, I would shout loudly and leave the room for awhile.

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Some of the problem could be nonverbal cues you're giving out. You've already been hurt so you may be expecting it to happen again. Definitely be the primary feeder, petter and all things good. Sit down on the floor and let the cat come to you, give him yummy treats for reward and RELAXING pets. Too strong will sometime cause them to get excited and go into play mode. Keep claws trimmed or even buy the claw tips they sell at the pet stores. Be careful of how you are holding a cat, some cats wont tolerate it at all.

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I'd immediately scruff him and place him in time-out for awhile (like the bathroom) as soon as he attacked me. If he's too big/aggressive to scruff, then try a squirt bottle, loud clapping or anything that would work to scare him from scratching me. Cat claws are dirty and you can get a nasty infection from them.

Don't feed him until he's calmed down and finished sulking from being kept in time-out. If you aren't able to get him into a time-out area then completely ignore him. He's not going to starve. Once he's completely settled down and calm you can feed him. Reinforce good behavior with food; not bad behavior. If he again tries to attack then repeat the process. Pay very close attention to him. You should be able to identify that he's in attack mode right before he gets you by his body movements. Try to intervene before he grabs you. It's okay to scold him right before an attack - he'll learn either way. You'll gradually be able to turn dinner into a positive activity over time and win him over.

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I have an aggressive rescue cat too and read somewhere to pet them while they're eating to build trust so I've been trying that. I save his favorite canned food for when I can sit and pet him while he's eating it. It seems to be helping or maybe he's just getting more mellow as he gets older.

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