What sofa manufacturers use Sunbrella fabrics?

texasgal47March 18, 2014

I'm in the market for a new traditional full size sofa and loveseat for the familyroom. I'm a senior who lives alone but family is in the area. We use our sofas for lounging, napping and seating for eating snacks while watching TV. Decorating style is British colonial, so formal with a tropical twist. Sofa criteria are as follows:

1. Excellent construction that will last 20 yrs. or more.
Total sofa budget is about $8000.
2. Extremely comfortable with shallow seat cushion depth of no more than 21."
3. A sofa manufacturer that has a good selection of Sunbrella indoor fabrics. I think I want an off white textured fabric with the color in the pillows and fringe.

I live in Texas and like the quality of Massoud sofas (family business out of Dallas) but don't care for their fabrics. What quality sofa manufacturers offer a good selection of Sunbrella fabrics? Is there anyone out there who can point me in the right direction? What would I do without all of you on GW?

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Drexel has some Sunbrella fabrics. Baker, Hancock and Moore will do COM (COM= Customers Own Material). I'm sure there are many other manufacturers who do COM.

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Try Norwalk. Many Norwalk stores have closed but they are sold in many higher end furniture stores.


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Holly- Kay

You can't go wrong with Hancock & Moore. Beautiful and well crafted. I also think Smith Brothers of Berne is not only well crafted but a real value price wise. I am not sure if they offer COM or not.

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I'm looking for sunbrella fabric indoor furniture also. Bookmarking this thread because I didn't know about these brands but you can try Carolina Chair also. You can design just about anything you want.

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Thank you all for taking the time to post and the helpful information. I've decided that COM is worth it if the sofa selected does not offer Sunbrella fabrics. Goodbyekitty, it was startling for me to read your post as I had just discovered Carolina Chair last night when searching for sofa manufacturers who offer Sunbrella fabric. Do personally know of anyone who has ordered from them or anyone on GW who has provided feedback? I haven't done a search yet for prior postings on GW. The fact that their pricing is quite a bit lower due to a manufacturer selling direct to the public and that they claim to have top quality construction and customization is quite intriguing. Can anyone provide additional information regarding this company?

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Not other than I look at their site all the time! But if you do a search here I didn't find anything negative about them. Houzz has some pictures too that are quite lovely. I like the fact that you can customize the furniture pieces too.

Good luck on your search!

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My local furniture chain is heavily promoting new lines of sunbrella furniture. Unfortunately they don't deliver to Texas, but looking through their pages can give you a sense of which manufacturer's use sunbrella fabrics.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jordan's Furniture - Sunbrella selection

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In addition to those listed above CR Laine has really pretty sunbrella fabrics.

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Thank you all for the information. In addition to exploring the information provided in your posts, I think I'll cross-post the Carolina Chair question over on the GW Furniture Forum. Those folks can closely examine the claims of quality furniture construction that the manufacturer lists on their website.

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Texasgal, I just ordered two sofas from Carolina Chair this week. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with them so far. They gave me a custom quote for two different configurations of sofas (which was reasonable), but in the end I just ordered from their regular collection. They have been very responsive to my many questions, and have sent me a ton of swatches. So although I can't comment on the actual quality of their furniture yet, their customer service combined with the recent testimonials on their website gave me the confidence to place an order.

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Liz1970, how exciting!!! When are they due to arrive? Could you do me, and others following this thread, a big favor and let us know how you like your purchase? Or you could start a new thread with something like "Charolina Chair sofas are here!"

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Thank you! I am excited. This process of choosing new sofas has been an educational one to say the least. I anticipate them coming in the later part of May. I will definitely let you know how everything goes once they arrive!

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Thanks liz for the reply. I'll be looking for your response in May. I'm sure you'll love your new sofas.

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It sounds like you are looking for really solid, long-term type sofas and your budget is healthy so you actually have a lot of options. You might want to look at Taylor King, Stanford and Michael Thomas. Not sure what is available in your area. Michael Thomas is very COM friendly (though most of the upper end companies are these days) and I think they have sunbrella in their line. Vanguard carries the whole sunbrella line I believe but their styles might be too modern if you are wanting British Colonial. Also Sherrill has a line that is more modest in scale which might be of interest since you want a shallower seat.

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Hi Texasgal, my Carolina Chair sofas arrived (3 weeks earlier than they had told me) and I love them! I had zero problems with the delivery and the quality is amazing - the upholstery is stitched beautifully, and they are very comfortable. Totally met my expectations. I plan on ordering from them again for my den. Cathy Fry is the co-owner of the company and she was the rep that I dealt with. She made me feel like I was their only customer. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Liz1970, thank you for keeping me in mind with the timely feedback. I was just thinking of you and wondering about your order. So happy for you that your new sofas met your expectations. The one in your posted photo is lovely and does look so comfortable. In the meantime, I've re-examined my current sofas and am considering having them recovered and the cushions remade. Not especially just trying to save money, but I like the style and dimensions. I think I'll post a query regarding this.

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Silly question, but why Sunbrella? I thought it was an outdoor fabric. What are the advantages over more standard upholstery? Is it more durable, easier cleanup? Sorry for the silly question!

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Not a silly question at all. Sunbrella makes both indoor and outdoor upholstery fabric. The attraction with Sunbrella is the durability, and it does not fade, even in direct sunlight. Since I want light sofas, they should look like new over time with professional cleaning. Calico Corner told me that they carry Bella Dura upholstery fabrics also. It's the same type of fabric as Sunbrella, just a different manufacturer.

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I just got new dining room chairs from Ethan Allen; one of the fabric options was available in Sunbrella and the designer mentioned many people are using it now for indoor furniture precisely because of the durability. I was surprised when she showed me some samples because I still thought of Sunbrella as that plastic-y textured patio stuff from years ago. It's come a long way since then, and the material felt as smooth and comfortable as any regular fabric.

So I chose the Sunbrella fabric because it makes sense to me for--especially since I was buying upholstered, light colored, expensive new chairs with very wide seats! I definitely want to try my best to keep these things looking good as long as possible :).

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Thank you, both! I think I'm going to have to look into that when I reupholster my couches. They are only a couple of years old, but are wearing terribly (thanks to a Weimaraner that likes to rub on the backs like a bear on a tree).

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Errant, I believe you should be looking for the rub rating on each fabric for the type of problem described above. Look at Crypton fabrics also. They are rated as the most durable of all. Hopefully, someone on the forum who is a textile expert will weigh in on this subject.

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I am considering a Kincaid sofa with sunbrella fabric, have any of you had problems with its durability?

FYI, Kincaid offers about 20 different sunbrella fabrics for its "custom" line.

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