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gabriell_gwJune 10, 2010

I've always loved cats and have not had one since my last one died.Last Friday I brought home a kitten. She is darling, is loving, eats well but will not use litter box.Could someone refresh my memory. I can't remember what I did in the distant past. I would appreciate any help.

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Most kittens catch on immediately if you put them in the box and show their little paws how to scratch. Make sure it is a box with very low sides and just a bit of a litter layer so that the little thing doesn't get overwhelmed. You can also take a gentle wipe at her bum when she's in the box to stimulate bowel movement, as her mother would.

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Whenever I get a "new" cat, I confine the to a room (like my bedroom) until they use a litterbox. I put a few boxes throughout the house, so they know there is access.

I think this is especially helpful if you have kittens.

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Make sure the litter box is where she can easily find it and remember where it is.

I always take the kittens to the box immediately after eating or when they first wake up. Just set her in it and let her decide if she needs to use it or not.

If you are not home for extended periods of time, then I'd also go with confining her while she is alone. That way her range is smaller and the litter box will (hopefully) be more apparent to her.

Good luck.

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How old is she? I assume she has relieved herself in the last week...where is she going?

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When she goes poo elsewhere just scoop it up and drop it into the litterpan. The smell of her poo will tell her that that's a pooing place. Peeing in the box comes naturally then.

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Harebell, that is exactly what I did last night. And now she is using it!Thank goodness!

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