Diabetic cat peeing weird places

crissyinchaseburgJune 22, 2010

My 11 year old male cat was diagnosed in Nov as diabetic. The biggest clue that something was wrong was that he would pee on the bath mat outside of the shower and on any laundry we would let lay on the floor. So, we all got smart and started picking things up and being a little more careful about what we left laying around. He gets an insulin shot twice a day and his levels are fantastic. However, he has taken to peeing on the CARPET outside of the bathroom. I can handle the rugs, (not that it is right) they are easily washed, but the carpet is another story. I have another cat who is 7 years old and we have 4 litter boxes, so that shouldn't be an issue. I have since tore up the carpet in the hallway and replaced it with hard flooring. I am afraid now he will start peeing somewhere else. Any ideas what I can do to make sure he uses his box??

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You might get the vet to re-check;
he may have a urinary infection or some such.

hope that'll help.

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Most diabetics need monitoring for UTIs and insulin checks every 3-6 months anyway. And just because kitty is diabetic doesn't mean he can't also have another disease causing inappropriate elimination. Most diabetic cats, when they are under good control, have completely normal litterbox habits. So something is probably amiss.

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