IKEA Sale Time--20% off kitchens

beekeeperswifeMarch 25, 2013

I was on Ikea's site (trying to figure out some bookcase issues) and I clicked on the kitchen section. Voila--its Sale Time.

Didn't dig too deep to figure out for how long, etc.

(And heck, this could have been posted weeks ago, so apologies if so)

Here is a link that might be useful: ikea sale

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My "Sale' kitchen is almost done. I was there when they opening on the first day of the sale. :-) My appliances are not from Ikea.

Waiting for counter top... then find a new microwave and pick a backsplash....


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Read the sticky but couldn't find how to post more than one picture...

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I bought my "sale" kitchen this weekend! And saved almost $1,000. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

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well, as I suspected....I'm late to this party.

Consider this a reminder then to get your order in if you were planning or ordering!

Oh, and the photos above are really nice. thanks for posting.

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The sale goes till April 28th- I'm getting ready to order my cabinets mid-April.

bons, thanks for the Adel White photos- that's what we're doing, though I have flirted w/ the idea of custom doors, but it would make the whole thing 10% off instead of 20, and that makes the custom doors even more expensive. Yours look good though! You can clearly see through the glass even w/ the pattern... I was hoping it might hide the dishes just a tad more. What size are your glass uppers? I read somewhere that someone recommended doing two 18" cabs instead of one 36" because the glass shelf was bowing under the weight- have you noticed that at all?

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I also considered custom doors. But I knew I wanted white, and I knew there was no way I was going to do a good job painting them, plus I don't have the time. And to have them professionally painted - well, there goes my savings at Ikea. I really needed to keep costs down.

My largest cabinet is 36". I have no problem with the shelf bowing - I can't imagine how a glass shelf would bow without breaking?? Or what you would put on it to make it that heavy?

Here's a picture with the doors open. I will probably add a little more when I can put the rest of my kitchen back after the counters are in.

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bons, that's exactly where I'm at with the doors- it's just going to be so much cheaper and less hassle to go with the Adel and not have to deal w/ painting. I was going to have a 36" glass door cabinet... I can't remember where I read that before about the shelf bowing, but I do know that glass isn't as strong as the regular shelf- just hope it's strong enough for all my plates.

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Wolverine2, just another note on your glass shelves...my last kitchen was IKEA, and I had all my everyday dishes in one 30-inch and one 36-inch cabinet with the glass shelves. I kept glases and bowls on the glass, with plates on the sturdier bottom. No problem at all with either one, in the three years we had them. I sometimes thought I could see the 36-inch glass shelves bowing, but could never decide if it was just my imagination, so it couldn't have been too much! I think the space would have been much less efficient with two 18-inch cabinets.

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Also - for what it's worth, I may switch out the glass shelves eventually for white ones because the glass ones just make me nervous. I have a clear liner on them for some cushioning, but I just worry about breakage in general.

My kitchen is pretty informal, and I'm not using lights in the cabinets, so think regular shelves would be better for me.


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Molly Phillips

We are doing Ikea bases and Scherr's doors. I took the glass shelves back and replaced them with the wood - not because of the bowing issue (that I've never heard of until now) - but because that's where our everyday Fiestaware is and I couldn't imagine being able to stand the scraping of those dishes on the glass once my kids are tall enough to get them out of the cabinet. The look is not bad at all.

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Lovetodream, do you have a picture with the regular shelf?

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Wolverine, if you're worried about shelf sag, there's a super handy Shelf Sag Calculator - put in the specs of your shelf, and see if it will sag. It has tons of species of wood, but also has glass.


Here is a link that might be useful: Shelf Sagulator

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