water pressure

orgnovaFebruary 12, 2013

Hope someone can help. The water pressure is fine for a short time then drops down to about 2/3 the pressure. I have changed the pressure valve 3 times now. The pressure at the valve is 50 psi. Pressure outside the house over 100. What would cause the pressure to drop?

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A bit more info would be helpful. What is your water source, municipal, well, cistern for example? Where do you read 100 psi? I have never heard of water pressures for residential this high, ever. Please explain what and where is this "pressure valve" you have changed 3 times.

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I have 120 psi into my house and then it goes to a pressure regulator to drop it down to 60 psi, which is plenty.

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the water source is municipal. the pressure is over 100 psi is before the regulator valve which drops it down to 50-55 psi. the regulator has been changed 3 times. i cannot find out why the pressure drops after a minute or two after turning on a faucet/shower. thanks for the responses so far.

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Pressure reducing valve. When you replaced it, did you get one with the same rated flow? Can I safely assume that this is a PRV inside your house and not outside on or near the meter?

If it's anything like the Watts I have, you can adjust the pressure via the screw on the top upwards a bit. Say like 60psi.

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I think you are on right track

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Sounds like an undersized PRV.

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