our azul macaubas granite has stains!

theresab1March 25, 2008

so on either side of our rangetop I've noticed a darkening of our granite. We had our granite fabricators to look yesterday- they said we need to remove the rangetop they will get the stains out and then reseal. They think grease got into the granite and so it needs to be resealed! I am really upset this happened- is it common? I wonder if part of the reason was our granite was sealed then we took our our rangetop and put a new one in (long story dh ordered the wrong wolf rangetop so we had to wait until the new one came).

Our granite was installed in September. Sigh.

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Oh no! Theresa, I'm sorry to hear that and a bit surprised. Both the data at findstone.com and the technical info at the Azul Macaubas site indicate it is a low absorption stone. Jessyf who hangs out on the cooking forum has azul macaubas countertops (tile rather than slab). Our azul do mar has been in for over a year with no sign of any staining. It gets pretty hard use since we have 4 cooks in the family and do a lot of cooking.

Do you have pictures? I wonder if it could be something other than absorption.

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When I was obsessing over blue granite I found a website called Tom Cordova, the Rock Blog. He holds himself out as a granite expert with various maintenance comments/faqs/etc. I don't know if he actually knows what he's talking about but it might be worth checking out. I think that if you donate $18 to his favorite charity he responds to specific questions. Again, I'm not endorsing him. In any case please get a second opinion from someone who knows their stuff. Good luck!!!

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For a website to check, I like stoneadvice.com. They respond to questions on their forum and I found them very helpful.

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Oh, Therasab1, I have no words of wisdom but I must say I was literally crushed when I read the subject line -- I live vicariously through your stunning blue granite and I am so sad to hear it is giving you angst. Hopefully they will get the stains out and frequent sealing will prevent any relapses.


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I had the same problem with my azul macauba, but we poulticed it and the stains came out. Make sure you get the stains out before you reseal or you might lock them in.

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Debbi Branka

Can I please see some pictures of these? That is my all time favorite granite and I would love to ooh and ahh over it!

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Me too!!!

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Me three! Don't think I've ever seen that stone, at least not installed.

Hope the resealing helps!

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