granite and backsplash

bklyncat58March 9, 2014

I ordered a tan brown granite the guy came to do the template. he said I should use a 4" granite backsplash . but was planning to use a subway travatine tile for the backsplash. will this look funny with the 4" granite and then tile on top . all of the pics I see online the granite goes to the wall and backsplash meets it with grout at the seam . if anybody has pics of what this might look like please show me. thanks this is my first post.

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Why did he suggest this? Is it because it is what he likes or because he intends to leave a large uneven gap against the wall?

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don't know that is why im nervous

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He probably suggested the granite splash because it makes his life easier and more profitable. You can charge extra for a 4" splash, but you can't charge for scribing granite to a wall close enough to make tile fit.

Confirm in writing that he's been notified that the granite must be within 1/8" of the wall and that you don't want the granite splash.

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Trebruchet, thanks for letting us know that if we do not want the granite 4" splash, we should specify in writing that the granite must be within 1/8th of the wall. Thank you!

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I don't know but to me a 4" splash and tile above that is like wearing a belt and suspenders!

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I just read an article recently from a designer about those 4" pieces of BS, saying it was not something one should do if they're putting up a tile BS. I'm sorry I don't know where I saw it, but It showed pictures of some & I didn't think it looked as good as the ones that didn't have it. It cut the wall up. I wouldn't do it, but go to Houzz & ck out pictures to see what you like, tho. It might be something you want. Good luck.

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Don't do the 4" granite splash if you plan to tile above. The 4" splash makes the tile look like it was an afterthought. I've never seen a splash done that way that, IMHO, looked good.

And make sure your fabricator knows if you don't plan on doing a side splash. I didn't want a side splash and the fabricator just assumed I'd have one (even though I told him!) and they left a sloppy gap where they thought I'd put a side splash.

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It really depends on your preference and granite/tile selection. I think having that 4'' granite splash can serve as a boarder/frame for your tile and make the kitchen look more complete. The trick is that granite and tile have to really be complimentary and make it look like it was intentional. I found a few pics of kitchens with links below where I think it adds some visual interest to have that 4''. I personally like it and intentionally had that 4'' put in, even if it is not what the experts are liking :)

I do think that if you are going for a very streamlined/modern kitchen, then it might be too much detail...

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Sorry, here is the second link:

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If you do a granite BS it doesn't have to be 4". It can be lower or higher.

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I have a 2 inch granite backsplash & I love it!! I knew I didn't want a 4", but I was very happy I decided on the 2" once it was put. I personally think it looks great. I would have loved a full granite backsplash, but that was not in our budget.

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