Help with Grohe ladylux faucet

jsolFebruary 7, 2010

Just had my plumbing hooked up on Friday. The plumber installed my LL faucet and after he left, I noticed the base was not centered over the cutout--about a 1/16" gap in one corner. I would like to recenter this myself, however I watched him install this faucet and I basically have to take this apart to loosen the wing nut below. Problem is the installation instructions are quite poor. I was hoping someone could give me some pointers on doing this. TIA

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The link below should help. Hopefully the plumber left you part 'G', the fitting key.
On my faucet, I have to remove the spray hose first, then the body (part J) can be pulled off. It snaps in tightly so you need a little strength to remove it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Instructions

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Thank you. He did leave me the fitting key. I do have these instructions, but where I'm confused is with removing the spray hose. He put it in from beneath, but I'm not sure how to detach it from the green snap on fitting. Thank you for your help...

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I'm assuming you're talking about the snap coupling? On my LL Cafe it's yellow but the instructions are the same. There is a sleeve on part M/M2 that slides up and down. Move it downward so that it slides into the coupling. If you let it go it pops back up. While holding it in the 'down' position pull the spray hose off the union.
I think that's the part you're referring to??

Once you have that off, the coupling unscrews from the hose.

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Thank you nigelsgarden! This is the part I am referring to.

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Anybody know where to get the fitting key if the plumber "neglected" to leave it after the install?

Thanks, Bill

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