Rum Soaked, Chocolate Dipped Grapes,

jude31December 11, 2012

Got this in an email from Napa Valley. Does this not sound intriguing? Not sure how you go about soaking grapes in booze however....

Rum-Soaked Chocolate-Dipped Grapes
Mademoiselle de Margaux of Bourdeaux advice on enjoying these delicacies to their fullest: First, hold the grape by the âÂÂtail endâ and take a bite; Then slowly enjoy the various textures and harmony of the three flavors��"grape, rum and chocolate. Made by hand with loving care, fresh whole seedless grapes are picked at their peak of ripeness, soaked in rum, before being enrobed in a blanket of dark chocolate.


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I had a lot of fresh fruit soaked in rum and dipped in chocolate, I don't know how they did it, but all of them were good! They had bananas, grapes, strawberries, citrus, peaches, coconuts and other fruits. Some didn't have rum...

And they even had a girl and a boy covered in chocolate, this was in July of this year in Jamaica.:)


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Fori is not pleased

I've soaked raisins in booze but fresh? Hmmmm. Guess we have to wait for grape season. It is interesting!

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Silvia, that's incredible. Those kids could very well get a good "lickin'"

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Jude - Believe me, a lot of people were tempted to touch them. But the boy kept saying, don't touch me, I am already taken!lol
That night I ate so many fruits covered in chocolate. When buying chocolate I always get them with nuts like hazelnuts but being in this chocolate fest let me sample fruits covered in chocolate that can only be used fresh and not for sale outside. And because it was an all inclusive resort, you could eat as much as you want to....I was bad!


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