Got a good discount code for Dinovite! Sharing!!!

kygardningalJune 13, 2011

I love dinovite products. I have used the supplements for years and recently started using the flea product (Nomoflea) and the shampoo (dogosuds). Both of these are organic and have essential oils in them that smell wonderful and actually are good for my dog's skin. My dog has not had any skin issues for years because she gets dinovite every day in her food. And recently, they published an article with a homemade diet that I am now using with all my dogs and it's been a super easy transition to a much better diet for them.

OK...enough, enough...I know. Anyway, I got a coupon code from them last week for 15% off any order and thought I would share it with you. The code is 15CRAZY1 (That last number is a one.)

I just typed it in the discount code box when I checked out, hit the apply coupon button and got 15% off my order! This is a rare thing, as they don't do a lot of discounts. So, if you use their products, enjoy. And if you don't now you can try it for 15% off! And they have a super guarantee on your first order so there's nothing to lose!

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i'll check it out - never heard of the brand.

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