Mysterious Bald Spot on Cat

californiangardenerJune 26, 2011

Hello All Again,

So it seems that my cat seems to have multiple issues one after the other. He just finished getting over a bladder infection, but today I discovered something else. He has a small bald spot on his shoulder, and I'm not sure what is causing it.

I was told from a long time cat owner / cat foster parent that because he had a bladder infection that I should avoid giving my kitty any food with fish in it because fish has been known to make cats prone to forming crystals in their bladder. Normally I feed my cat a mix of wet / dry. I was feeding him Wellness Core dry mixed with Wellness Healthy Indulgence Wet. Wellness Core dry had some fish meal in it, so I switched him to Natural Balance Alpha Cat dry (Chicken, Turkey and Duck) and I mix it with the Wellness Healthy Indulgence wet. He is also getting fed antibiotics (Orbax) since he had the bladder infection too.

Could the food change be causing this weird bald spot? Is there some other larger systemic problem here? Bald spots plus bladder infections - are these connected? Back in May he also had a fever. For the last year or so my cat has been very healthy so I'm really wondering why he's having so many issues lately and so suddenly?

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Has he had any vaccinations lately? That can cause inflammation, and sometimes hair loss, in the shoulder area.

Check out the article below for possibilities of the air loss.

Here is a link that might be useful: hair loss

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It could be one of many things including an insect or spider big is the spot?

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As was said, several things could cause this. I'll put a link below to some more possibilities:

Here is a link that might be useful: cat losing hair

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