Grinding 2mm out of quartz!

soso52March 20, 2014

I just bought a GE slide in stove and I have a dilemma with fitting the back of it under my counter top. If the counter top was 2 or 3 mm less tick, it would fit PERFECTLY.

Question: does it make sense that I try grinding it down with a regular sander?

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Not a regular sander, the material is far too hard.

YOu would need a good angle grinder with a very coarse diamond impregnated metal disk. It will make a LOT of dust so typically this is done with a second person holding the hose of a shop vac right by the grinding operation. It still makes a lot of dust.

if you really want it ground best bet is to get a fabricator to do it.

any chance there are adjustable feet on the stove?

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I'd first look at ways to shorten that stove by 2-3 mm - look at how the feet are made and adjustable and see if you can work there. The stove should have come on leveling adjustable feet. This is probably the easier approach, rather than trying to grind the undersurface of in situ granite, where you risk cracking the stone and probably won't succeed without pro diamond discs anyway.

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The flange on your slide-in range is designed to fit over, not under, your countertop.

If fact, the range must sit on its adjustable feet. Its weight MUST NOT be borne by the flange. There should be a 1/32" gap between the bottom of the flange and the top of the top. This is why a dead-level countertop installation is critical. If the top isn't level, your eggs will slide to the low side of the pan.

Assuming that you meant to type "over" when you typed "under", you need to shim the rear feet, not grind the top down.

Place a level front to back, side to side, and in an "x" pattern over the opening. The bubble should be in the middle in each position.

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