Whis is Better: 1.28 or 1.6 Flush Toilets

chipster_2007February 28, 2009

I need to get a new toilet and was wondering are the newer 1.28 flush toilets as good as the 1.6 toilets? I have heard they are still having some unnamed "problems". They also have the dual flush systems now and was interested in any info/experience people have had with them. I am interested in getting a toto. Does anyone have any experience with the super slick finishes they are using on some of the toilets to minimize cleaning? Thanks

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I have a Toto. It is a little more difficult to install(when on concrete or tile) I still say if you can afford the toto, buy it. We can flush solids with the .9 gal flush. No splashing when men go standing. If you have young boys, buy the "slow down" seat and lid.

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If you have a large household (and thus, many flushes per day), or if you live some place where conserving water is a major priority because of drought conditions or because water or sewage rates (based on water usage) are a major concern, then it makes sense to go with the most water conserving appliances that you can find. Otherwise choose a standard 1.6 gallon flush toilet, or if you want to be eco-minded, a dual-flush toilet.

Otherwise, the premium you'll pay for the lower volume flush units probably doesn't make sense. Is one better than the other? I don't know. Off-hand, I'd say that a toilet using less water would be the better choice, but the 1.6 gallon units now have a reputation for working well. The reputation of the 1.28 gallon units is less well-proven. If you're very much inclined toward saving resources, it might make sense to go with a dual-flush unit. That way, you can be the judge and decide which works best on a flush-by-flush basis.

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Look at the CUWCC MaP testing results. Use that as a guide in making your decision. IIRC, the Toto Aquia did better than some of their Eco models. Go for specifics (model and results), not generalizations (1.28 vs. 1.6?)

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