How Do I Put Together a Simple Wall Shower System

enduringFebruary 16, 2012

Hello, new poster to the Plumbing forum. I would like to know a little about putting together a shower system. I am wanting a simple shower with some style. I like the idea of having a wall bar and a movable shower head that runs up and down the bar for different heights. I want the shower head to function as a hand held shower as well, to help with cleaning the shower. I have not determined if I will replace the tub for a tub/shower configuration or make this into a shower only system. This is a daily used BR but is very small - about 5'x7.5'.

I know there has to be some behind the scenes parts and this depends if the water mixes behind the wall or in the exposed fixture.

In the bath in question for this post I would like to look into options to use a line of Axor.

Can I piece this together out of parts?

What parts does one need to install a wall shower with wall bar and tub


What parts are needed for just a wall shower with wall bar an handshower?

Are there other quality showers that are cheaper?

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Hansgrohe has a design guide on their website detailing the behind the scenes action.

Kohler has a similar one. Both are helpful to get an idea of how things work.

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Antsss, thank you very much for this helpful info. I will take a look.

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