Backsplash layout opinions please

OOTM_MomMarch 19, 2014

Hello All,
I have pretty much decided on the following for my backsplash:
Rixi Mandoria 2.5"x5" (crackle tile, just off white, slight greenish blue cast)
Also picture frame/chair rail 2.5"x5"
And border 1.5"x10" in either rectangular or bead relief
Vista Glass Frost 2"x2" and 1"x1" for accents (serious cracked glass with slight greenish cast)

I was considering an accent strip at the top of the outlets with the 2"x2" frost, and then a picture frame type thing above my range.

My area above range is only 29" tall x 42" wide, so I am concernd I am trying to do too much in that small space, was thinking chair rail mold, double 1" frost tiles, 1.5" border, and then herringbone 2.5"x5" rixi in middle.

My marble is really the star, which is why I was staying tone on tone very neutral for the backsplash, but, I did want a bit of a focal point above my range.

Samples and layout sketches below, the grey/blue square is my range color.

So, should I skip the 2" accent stripe? Suggestions/opinions on my area above range?

Thank you!

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Range wall possible layout

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Another wall with accent stripe.

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This is sort of what I was going for.

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I've never much cared for the accent strips at that level. I guess I don't like bringing the eye to the underside of the cabinets and the outlets, if that makes sense.

I have a photo of a similar mural that uses mosaic tile as the border. I know murals are now going out of fashion, but I like the ones that only add texture and not a "picture". I think your hood space can handle it. I wouldn't add the bead relief border. Keep it simple so the cracked glass is the focus.

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Well, you've put a lot of thought into this, and you get an A+ for material and color choices. There are a few things you might want to tweak.

First of all, before you start tiling, are you interested in getting rid of the outlets and going with plugmold?

Second, I think you might find your "frame" piece, the chair rail, is too similar in size and shape to the field tile to really frame your herringbone - it has very little relief depth from the field and it's too smooth. You need a longer, thinner tile that stands out from the field. Look at the 2" x 5" Toro or the 3/4" x 10" Matita Bead to give you a missing 3D element.

Third, have you considered making the entire bs a herringbone layout, and using the glass tiles as the range feature?

It's beautiful tile going into a thoughtful space. It will be lovely no matter how you lay it out.

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This is EXACTLY what I wanted to do! Because of other issues, I had to come up with plan B, and it's being installed as I type this! My advice to you is this: the beautiful crushed glass accent tile (mine was Medici brand) has a lot of color variation from lot to lot. Try to order a sample from their current stock to make sure it's the same as your sample piece. My ivory/beige Acorn color came in with a lot of peachy tones, and the Praline that was brown came in looking purplish. At the very least, make sure the store takes it back if it comes in looking different. The store I was dealing with pretty much said I was stuck with any special order. Secondly, if your crushed glass accent tile is like mine was, it is thicker than ceramic or porcelain tile, which means that if you install them next to each other, there will be a height difference. Maybe not a big issue for you, but it bugged me. The only fix we could come up with was to frame the accent with a higher liner tile, which added to the cost and complexity of installation (hubs was going to do it with a tile-guy friend). I decided against the accent strip around the perimeter because I didn't like the way they would call attention to the outlets, but that is totally a matter of taste and opinion. I've seen many kitchens with it that are beautiful. Good luck, I hope I have helped and please show pics when you are done!

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Thank you all for the feedback! It really helps. I will definitely ask about what happens if the ordered tile doesnt match the samples, thatwould be a serious bummer. Now to just make a decision and order it!

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Ok after looking at a bunch of full herringbone BS, I think that's the way I'm going to go. (Thanks EAM44) will still do a focal point above range.

So any special considerations or things to discuss with tile person? With the concerns on other threads about floor tile layout, I just want to make sure I go over everything inadvance, and with sufficient detail.

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You're welcome.

It might be helpful if you show him an image of the layout you are expecting. What you want is a classic 45 degree herringbone layout. But how he places his first pieces will determine which of the looks below you end up with. If these look the same to you, you will probably be fine either way.

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I definitely see a difference, and I want the up and down look not side to side. (First picture). I'll be sure to make that clear when I talk to my tile guy.

Thank you

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OOTM what beautiful marble! Your BS color selections are perfect.

What a great thread. I do hope you'll post updates as you proceed. I'm thinking about a herringbone BS too and am interested in how yours works out. Just lovely. And great advise from talented posters.


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Just curious if you finished your backsplash? It sounds lovely and I'd love to see a picture!

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Hi kam76, I'm trying to put together my reveal, but here's a bit of the backsplash until then!

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Very nice! Can't wait to see the rest.

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Gorgeous! Thank you for posting! Cant wait to see the full reveal.

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I love it! Very elegant!!

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