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trisha57_nyJune 27, 2011

Wanted to let you all know bout a product called Biotin - from any reputable vitamin supplier or pet supplier. This stuff is miraculous.

My hairdresser (who has become a close friend) and I have a close bond with our dogs. We are very "attune" to them. Although she is my hairdresser, she has an MBA in Biolgy -- a very smart lady. Her son is a Marine Biologist.

I was telling her bout how my Duffy (15 months old now)and how he's been scratching a spot under his chin since he was six weeks old. Really scratching. Then she told me that her Casey, a 7 year old golden, was scratching so bad, and she was in such bad shape that they were going to put her to sleep. This is why she researched how she could help Casey.

She said she gave her Biotin, and Casey was better in a week. Now, if it was anyone else who told me this, I wouldn't have believed it. She said she couldn't believe it. Casey was a different dog in a week. I told her to order me one -- cause she was placing another order. It was $40. I've been sprinkling Biotin everyday on Duffy's food,for 2 weeks. It smells like Vanilla -- so he laps it up. He used to scratch under his chin all the time. Duffy has been on Biotin for two weeks -- I've seen him scratch once or twice in the past week. Like she said - miraculous.

I'm ordering another bottle tonight. I'm so happy to be able to send this information to those of you who have pets with hot spots, allergies, etc. I will go to vets' offices out here and give them this information.

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Thanks for the information

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Find out what dosage it is---that same vitamin is made for humans and is MUCH less expensive.

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I have a friend with a dog that's scratching like crazy and was hoping this thread might hold the answer. However - a hairdresser with an MBA in Biolgy? Hmmmm....not thinking this is very reliable info.

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Biotin is simply a b vitamin. Dogs who are fed commercial pet foods have nutritional deficiencies because the food is cooked to death and of course, the food consists of substandard grade food (certainly nothing like human grade food). So, it makes sense that a B vitamin deficiency could be resolved with a B vitamin.

However, I will guess that in time, this dog will start itching again because of other deficiencies. For example, zinc, Omega fatty acids, Vitamin E...all of these deficiencies will also produce itchy skin.

I use an overall whole food supplement for my dog, along with his meaty dog food (sometimes kibble, sometimes frozen) or his homemade diet (I can give you link to recipe). He no longer itches and no longer sheds! And, he's getting the vitamins and essential fatty acids, minerals, etc. that he needs for good health. He actually is super shiny now too.

Here's a link to the diet:

And there's a link to the supplement there too. I like using food sources of things like biotin and other nutrients because it's more useable, absorbable and reliable as a nutrient source.

Here is a link that might be useful: Homemade Dog Diet

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