mounting kitchen sink rough-in plumbing

dalepresFebruary 20, 2011

I am installing a new kitchen sink in a mobile home with PVC/CPVC pipe. The sink is on an outside wall (not sure it matters, but just in case).

Under the old sink, the plastic pipes move around easily; they're not solidly attached where they come up from the floor. The original pipes were polybutylene and I replaced all of the that garbage with PVC and CPVC but came up the same holes as the old junk came up.

Now we're moving the sink to another wall and we want to do a better job this time around.

So, my question is: what would the professionals do to solidly fix the rough-in cold and hot pipes so that the stubs coming up from the floor or in from the wall are solid? I've searched for some sort of header and am surprised that I can't find such a thing. It seems that such a thing would help ensure some standardization in how the undersink is plumbed.

Any suggestions?



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Some blocking and pipe straps.

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Interesting. That was about all I could find in any pictures, too - even for copper pipes.

Someone should invent a split flange that interlocks around a pipe and can be glued to it. Glue it on and screw it to the blocking.

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Why bother having another piece of hardware when a plain old pipe hanger(s) (and something to attach it onto) is all that is needed?

You already need to use a hanger compatible with the pipe material.

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