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buttamanFebruary 9, 2011

Anyone have any opinion on the quality of Danze fixtures? Looking for high quality and want to get away from big box standards (Delta, Kohler, Moen) . Anyone with experience with this brand?

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1/ that brand is not high quality.

2/ i like the goal of getting away from big box standards (you mentioned Delta, Kohler, Moen).

note that these companies also have subsidiaries making faucets under another name, so they can sell more without labeling them as "Delta, Kohler, Moen, etc". There are several hundred brand names in total, and more ever day as marketing experts seek to occupy new niches in the public's mind. A new name is one way to make it seem new, or different, or more exclusive.

if your goal is to buy from a smaller manufacturer, i could name a few brands. I've spent a few years studying the faucet market.

Please add a few remarks about what you are hoping for, or what you are hoping to avoid.


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davidro1, would love to hear what you know. I am in process of renovating a basement and in need of two bar faucets. I prefer a stainless or rubbed bronze and one hole set up. I like the look of the Kohler Essex, but don't want to spend nearly that much. Been looking on but seem to mostly carry no-name brands. Thanks for your insight.

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