American Standard Deep Soak tub drain - is this really necessary?

lee676February 9, 2013

American Standard sells a "Deep Soak" overflow drain kit for bathtubs that increases the water depth by positioning the slots in the overflow drainplate near the top instead of at the bottom. It's fairly pricey, pushing $100, whereas generic tub overflow drain kits cost $25. Can't I accomplish the same thing simply by installing the overflow drain cover and gasket upside down? Or is there something I'm not thinking of that would cause a problem?

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You can install the regular ones upside down. This expensive version probably has the holes on the side so it's not so visible.

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If you tub is a built in skirted tub the drain fittings you have illustrated are prohibited unless you have a 12" x 12" service access panel either up from underneath or through an adjacent wall.

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It does (or will) have a service panel behind it in an adjacent room, at the back of a closet. The drywall isn't up yet in the room below it (which will be inside a closet in what's now an unfinished basement) - should we put an access panel there too to get underneath the tub drain area if necessary?

(one of the two tubs will be in the lower level above the concrete floor of the house, so no way to put an access panel underneath that one, though the side panel will be easy to put in).

How easy is it to change tub drain assemblies once they're installed? I've had pop-up drains fail in several homes I've worked in that couldn't be repaired from removing the overflow plate and drain flange.

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The expensive one probably has an extra gasket on the front side.

But I would think even that thing could leak water. Better to not encourage water getting up there too often. Just my two cents.

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These are the parts. It's obviously designed not to *look* like the drain slot is near the top.

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