NY'ers - What do you think about this law in the making?

kittensJune 14, 2011

The ASPCA has sent me an alert about a bill that's headed to the Senate.

Dear New York Advocates,

We need your help to stop a terrible, anti-animal, anti-democracy bill under consideration in the New York State Senate. This legislation, S. 5172, would criminalize investigative efforts to expose institutional mistreatment of farmed animals. It is an attempt by New York-based agribusiness concerns to keep the public in the dark and uninformed about activities occurring on our state's factory farms.

Your state senator could vote on this dangerous bill at any time!

S. 5172 would criminalize simply taking a photograph of a farm animal without the farm owner�s written consent. Doing so would be considered "tampering with a farm animal," a misdemeanor offense punishable by up to a year in prison or a fine of up to $1,000.

Rather than stop cruel treatment of animals�and the related environmental and food-safety risks�S. 5172 would prevent the public from learning about it and punish those who hope to expose it. We need more transparency on our farms, not less.

What You Can Do

Having recently passed the NY Senate Agriculture Committee, S. 5172 may now be voted on at any moment by the full New York Senate. Please visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center online, where you can quickly email your New York State senator and politely urge him/her to oppose S. 5172.

Thank you, New York, for helping us fight animal cruelty and bad public policy!

Here is a link that might be useful: link to oppose

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hope some NY'ers sent an email!

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Wow, that is disgusting! I can't believe anyone would even consider supporting such a bill!

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Welcome to NY. There's no regulations on snapping cell phone pics out in public on humans and they want to pass something like this? It's just another way they can avoid actual animal protection while spending up our tax dollars.

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What planet do you live on where it is anyone's RIGHT to take pictures on private property without the owner's permission? Just because you have the technology (a camera) does not permit you to take pics anywhere, of anything.

I used to work retail, and photos were not allowed to be taken in our shop without permission. We had our reasons, and had lots of arguments with difficult patrons. We didn't require them to agree with us, they just had to obey the rules. Try taking pics inside your bank, or jewelry store, or art gallery, and see how long it takes for security to jump you. I don't see how a private farm is any different. I certainly don't advocate mistreating animals, nor do I believe that meaningful change can be achieved by covert guerilla tactics.

This proposed law does read a bit heavy-handed, but personal property rights are one cornerstone of our economic, political, and social institutions.

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I live on a planet where it's still lawful for me to stand at the roadside and take a photograph of an animal grazing on a farm. And if that animal is showing any sign of neglect, I want ANYONE passing by to have the right to photograph it.

Heavy-handed is right!

Have a look at this story I linked. Take a look at these photos. Without these photos, how long would it take the public to get involved. This was an atrocity. This farm is 30 minutes from my home. These animals are regulated by Agriculture laws yet they are found in this condition. Once again, great job Ag & Markets. Now, let's quickly pass a law that prohibits us from publicizing the deficiencies.

Here is a link that might be useful: photos

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kittens, I am sorry, but you do not live on a planet like you describe anymore. Ironically, Iowa, too, is trying to pass a very similar law, however according to the newspaper there is hope that it will fail. As I understand it not only would it be illegal to take a photo, it is illegal to report the crime. Extremely scarey when you can see how easy it is to lose yet another freedom and they do it without even blinking or thinking. I remember asking my father-in-law why someone didn't stop Hitler before he got so much power, this is how he said it is done. slowly, but surely.....

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Here, they are trying to pass for Homeland Security reasons to reduce tampering with our food stock. They've tucked this restriction into the bill and it's going to be a detriment. It's probably a shoe-in because of the Homeland Security factor. The photographing restrictions need to be removed from the bill. Don't get me wrong, I'm really not for trampling people's rights. A photograph can only help an animal in need. The farmers make a choice to farm. I make a choice to drive a car. The car is my personal property. However, I need to take care of my car (inspections, etc) and that is a responsibility I accept when I take it on. There are even restrictions on my car while it's parked on my land. The same should hold true for farmers.

I dealt with Ag & Markets for over a year about a pet mill in my area. They tell me they are restricted by the limited laws that are in place. They have documented neglect, felony and misdemeanor crimes yet the facility still is allowed to operate. The stories coming from consumers turn your stomach inside out. If people like the woman in the above story were not able to take photographs, I'm not so sure help would ever come to these animals. These photos outrage the public and increase their awareness of the actual animal cruelty taking place. Someone linked the path to the news article in that story. They initially gave the owner three days to clean up the farm. Three more days of suffering... That's how Ag&Markets operates for pets, too. They give the owner a warning and come back out to make sure the offense is taken care of. Each and every year they repeat the same procedure for the same issues of neglect.

You'll have to let us know how Iowa makes out. Really, making it illegal to report a crime? We are working backwards.

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Criminalizing investigative efforts - I bet it is backed by Monsanto!!

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