Kitten's Raw Bum

AddisbabyJune 20, 2011

I have a 2 and a half week old kitten who's bum is raw. I also noticed two spots on the backs of his back legs that are raw as well. Momma kitty is doing a great job cleaning him, but he protests quite loudly so I know he's hurting. The only thing that 'happened' to him since he was born is that he fell into a litter box, a clean one, that I had set up at the end of my bed for the Mom. My sisters boyfriend said he found him and cleaned him up. I don't know if he used soap of any kind. When I looked at the kitten immediately following the clean up, I noticed his bum was raw and red, really looked like it was bleeding but it wasn't.

Any suggestions???

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First I'd find out exactly what the boyfriend used on the kitten since he shouldn't have needed to do anything if the litter box was clean. Then you should have the kitten checked out by a vet. The raw areas may have already been there before the kitten fell into the litter but, either way, you need to find out if your dealing with something that is infectious to mom and the other kittens.
When you return from the vet, be sure to take some clothing the mom cat is lying on and gently rub it on the kitten to help her recognize this kitten is hers.

My worry is that the kitten may become so sick it stops nursing, or the mom may reject it altogether.

Let us know what the vet says. Others may have suggestions but I'm curious as to how the vet will treat the kitten so that the mother doesn't lick off any medication or continue to irritate the area. You may end up having to do some supplemental feeding.

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