Maltese wounds

kittensJune 27, 2013

Does anyone have any thoughts about what might be going on with this 7 year old Maltese dog?

About 3 weeks ago the groomer at Pet Smart noticed he had a bump under his eye. The owner allowed the vet there to examine the dog. He was prescribed an antibiotic (Simplicet). They were not sure if he was growing a tumor or had an infection. The bump got worse and he was brought to his regular vet. The doctor gave a second round of the same antibiotic. She didn't do anything to try to drain the wound and now it's starting to ooze on it's own (pussy discharge). The owner tried a topical in addition to the antibiotic (neosporin). The vet said it's better to just try to keep it clean with peroxide so that's what she's doing.

The dog is now on a 3rd round of antibiotics (half-dose now) and has another wound on the other side of his face!

The owner said she's looked it up and the only problems with the Maltese are along the lining of the eye. The wounds are lower. The dog had his teeth checked by both vets and there were no signs of problems. The only thing I could come up with was that he got batted by a cat or something outside and developed an infection that way. But then he would have had to had 2 altercations for wounds on both sides...

We discussed her going to a third vet now for another opinion. If there is an infection there that hasn't cleared up by now, shouldn't the vet be draining it? Is there anything that might cause this problem in a Maltese other than another animal wound?

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Here's the another shot.

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and now the other side

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and one other note, he's been wearing an e-collar most of the time so he doesn't irritate the wounds.

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The site below discusses exactly what you're seeing and what my suspicions were.....something to do with the sinus or teeth.
I'd get a 3rd opinion since the antibiotics don't appear to be having an effect.

Also, neosporin isn't really an antibiotic so if that's all he's been getting then it's no surprise he's not better. The wound is already open, so it's probably draining on it's much as it can.

Poor guy........3 weeks in a collar? : (
Is the collar really needed? My guess is that it's only irritating the site more.

Here is a link that might be useful: Maltese sores

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Thank for that link, Ann. That does sounds exactly like what I saw on the dog, too . Could there be a problem underneath that would only show up on Xrays (on both sides)? Both vets did a visual of his teeth. I will ask my friend in the morning if the regular vet knows about the second spot yet. I get frustrated when I can come on this forum and get a probable dx so quickly and the treating doctors have the animals suffering for these long periods of time. At least he doesn't seem in pain and he's prancing around like a pup.

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She put the neosporin on in addition to the rx antibiotics just to try to help it along.

Yes, she was putting on the collar as much as possible to try to keep him from pawing at it so it would heal. It's far enough down where it's not hitting his face. But, LOL, he likes to wear it! Funny guy!

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Yes, x-rays would be needed to see what's happening in that area of the skull.
A problem with the root or sinus would be within the bone and not something a vet will see with a visual exam.

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Great. Thank you very much. I'm going to pass all this info along to my friend so she can get her little doggie taken care of properly.

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ditto on dental problems likely (infected carnasal tooth roots most likely)

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I just wanted to give an update about the dog. He did need to have 2 teeth removed. He's doing much, much better and the infection on his face is finally starting to clear up. He's got his follow-up appointment next week but all looks well!

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