How is my cat getting out of his collar nearly daily?

joycewwctJune 11, 2009

I have an electromagnetic cat door and my two cats need to wear collar to hold the magnet that lets them in and out of the cat door (and keeps the bully cat out). I have two 11 month old cats. They have gotten used to the collars and don't seem to object to them. But one of them keeps losing his collar. First I had him in a stretchy collar that buckles like a belt. I could see that he would scratch and tug at it from time to time and would loosen the prong and open the buckle. He has now lost three breakaway safety collars. Two of them I bought from the vet and they seemed pretty high quality. I have not found any of them so he must have lost them outside someplace. When I open the catch on these collars I use two hands and they do not open easily. I cannot imagine how a not quite full sized cat could pull one open except by catching it on something and using his full weight (that is when it is designed to open) . One accident I could understand but three times in four days seems impossible. Maybe he has invented some safe way he can open them regularly but I can't imagine how (and he doesn't seem to be the brighter of the two cats). I am at my wits end how to keep him safely in a collar. When he loses the one I am about to put on him I may try sewing a stretchy one shut on him if I can get him to hold still that long) but I don't know how long it would take him to figure out how to stretch it over his head.


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He did it again! Last night I put one more breakaway collar on him. This morning it was gone. Luckily this time it was inside. I found it open lying on my desk chair where they like to nap. So the little monkey is actually able to pull these sturdy collars open by himself. I'll have to see what I can find in stretchy collars and I am considering trying to hold him still while I stitch the buckle ends closed. I will see whether he can pull a collar over his head as easily. I'm at my wits end.

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I see your dilemma but the I would find it scary to put a collar on him that is so 'permanent'. If he ever catches is on a branch or some type of object he could easily choke to death.

I would look at some other brands of break-away collars........

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Would he tolerate a harness?

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