What flooring is underneath your dishwasher?

kgolbyMarch 5, 2013

Currently the dishwasher just sits on the slab. Is this normal? I don't think there's any tile underneath the cabinets as well. The little bit that I've read online says some kind of barrier should be laid down underneath dishwasher.

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The big thing with flooring and dishwashers is that you don't want to put flooring (like tile) in front of it, or you'll have a heck of a time getting it out.

Typically whatever flooring is visible also goes under any appliance that can be removed - fridge, DW, range.

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The hardwood that is throughout my first floor is also under the dishwasher.

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Ditto gr8day.

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Annkh is right about that. Prior to our remodel, there was a parquet wood floor in our kitchen that had been installed by the previous owner. When the dishwasher stopped working and we had to replace it, it was a nightmare getting it out. The installer actually had to saw the old dishwasher into 2 pieces and he and my husband had to wiggle it out to remove it.

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We've replaced our dishwasher a couple of times since we bought the house so fortunately it hasn't been difficult to get it out. But I think this is one reason why our dishwasher has never fit properly regardless what brand we've purchased. Currently have a Thermador & my goal is to have it be seamless with the new cabinets. I need to discuss this w/ our contractor in case we need to install tile underneath. Annkh, now that you mention it, we do have tile under other appliances. Wonder why the tile wasn't installed originally? Go figure.... Anyway, thanks for the opinions!

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I tiled my kitchen wall to wall before putting in cabs. Who knows -- perhaps a future owner will want a different layout?

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Good for you, Angie. I'm dealing with that nightmare. My entire downstairs is tiled with a tile that I actually like, but they tiled with the cabinets in place and I don't have enough tile to cover the whole floor if I reconfigure the kitchen, and of course the tile is discontinued, so I'll have to redo the entire downstairs and rip up plenty of perfectly good tile when I do the kitchen, since we'll be removing a peninsula. (Can't find remnant tile that matches well enough, and I've tried all the places that do discontinued tile.)

My dishwasher is trapped by tile in front of it, too.

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Same is gr8day

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Perhaps your DW was installed at some later time than the rest of the kitchen appliances and cabinets? Do you cabinets have floor under them, or just slab? (I would suspect, if you don't know for sure, that what happened was they installed cabinets on slab, including a cabinet the size of a future DW, then put the tile in. Then, they decided they wanted a DW, took out that one cabinet, and slid in the DW, but didn't patch the floor under it.)

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Our house was built with asphalt tile throughout and no DW. A DW was added right before it was sold to us. We eventually added a vinyl floor which caused a height discrepancy with the DW, but it wasn't too bad. We later added a wood floor and the discrepancy caused a problem - not to the extent we had to cut the old DW out, but close. When we renovated last year, we started over with the floor and now the existing floor (bamboo) runs under the DW. Much better.

If you mean your DW is sitting on a cement slab, I don't think that's a functional problem for you as long as your other flooring is thin. If you ever want to have a tile or wood floor though, then you'd have a problem. Unless it runs under the cabinets or the cabs are raised to same height with plywood, you'll have issues with DW replacement (it will be down in a well) and with too-low toe kicks and counter height.

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Instead of tile or wood flooring you can put plywood under the DW as long as it is the same height as the tile/wood floor in front of the DW.

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Mine is - unfortunately - on the slab with tile in front.

It's possible, but not easy, to change out dishwashers.

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When we bought the house, the DW was on the slab with tile in front. But what prevented us from being able to remove the DW even after adjusting the legs was the tile counter that was installed with a lip over the edge. As lazygardens pointed out, it may be possible but not easy with one, but with both, we were stuck. When we redid the kitchen, tiled with extra tile where we could and floated the floor in the back where we couldn't. Since then, we replaced the floor with hardwood (the tile guys did a terrible job with the patches that showed -- and were uneven and cracked. Not wanting the wood underneath, we left the tile under the DW, but it is still level and we can easily remove for repair or replacement.

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On a slab. There is tile in front. I was able to install the unit with the feet retracted, then lengthen the feet to match the cabinet height.

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