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lena2350March 15, 2014

I am redoing my living room, I ordered furniture, and bought brown carpet to match. The furniture was delivered and I am not happy with the construction and am returning it. I now have brown carpet, and no furniture. I like the pottery barn, anthropology style ( I don't know how else to describe my style) and starting to like the mid century modern look too. Just plain simple and modern. I wanted to go light and add pops of color on my walls and in pillows etc. I guess what I am asking is what would you do with this room? Stay with the beige furniture or do something way different? Thank you for any feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

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I cant figure out how to add more than one pic at a time. Here is another angle of my LR

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Here is the other end of my LR with the entertainment center i repurposed. I love red so was thinking of adding red to this room??

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I think the room needs some pattern and color to start. I would find some curtains I liked and bring those and a sample of the carpet and choose a sofa color that coordinates. I've found it's harder to buy curtains than it is to choose upholstery color, especially since manufacturers have so many choices.

Something like these curtains from Pottery Barn would look very nice.

The beige would go well, or you could go with more of a taupe color.

Here is a quick mock-up I did.

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thank you so much geokid 4! I was thinking of sheers and adding pattern into the pillows and chair. I never ever thought of adding pattern in the curtains!! I like that option and am going to explore it some more. Thank you for that suggestion!!!!

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I recently saw the IKEA Stockholm sofa in the store and really liked it. If you're brave, you could go for the green, but it now also comes in other colors and leather.

I probably would go with a beige or cream sofa and add color with wall paint, art, and accessories.

Here is a link that might be useful: LR with brown carpet

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In your two pictures of the room, I am one picture, the clock is to the right of the sofa and in the second picture, the clock is to the left of the sofa. Which of the furniture are you returning? I like the light colored furniture with the carpeting but with that you need darker (not white...maybe beige) walls. You have white sheers in one picture and beige sheers in the other.....I like the beige sheers and that is about the color I would paint the walls. How nice to be able to buy a whole room full of furniture. Lucky you.

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Sorry for the confusion grandmaof3. I should of explained. The new furniture is the beige, that is what I am returning. It is made so cheap.At the furniture store they only had a sectional, but could order the couch and chair for me. I learned a good lesson that I am not going to buy something again I cant inspect at the store! The green love seat is my old furniture that has not been moved out. I was moving the clock and the furniture around to see how it would work, For the sheers I was just trying some up there that I had taken from other rooms to try. Sorry about all that. I had beige walls before and just painted a soft white which I love. Maybe I need to go with a different color furniture? It is nice to buy new furniture if you know what you are doing. LOL For some reason I am really stuggling with this room. I appreciate your advice and taking the tme to reply. Again sorry about the confusion on the room

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I love your soft white walls. Perhaps you could collect (and post) pictures of LRs that you like and see what elements they have in common.

Here is a link that might be useful: PB Living Room

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Annie Deighnaugh

Be very careful with scale. The sofas look large for the size of the room.

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I would echo what Annie said about scale, proportion is everything. Also, if you are going for a cleaner look, I would look for sofas that have a smaller more streamlined arm.

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Thank you guys so much. Yes that is the mistake I made with my present furniture TO BIG for the room and I hated it. I do want a cleaner look and never thought about the arm size. Thank you for that tip. I am writing all these down and taking my list with me when I go shopping again. Thanks you again

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I would also suggest that you do not get a matching chair. Getting one that "goes" but isn't matching will help you get a non-cookie-cutter look. Before you get your furniture, plan out the rest of the room as you are doing.

As Geokid said, pattern will be very important.

If you want light and airy, it is a little tougher due to the wall-to-wall carpeting. I like NSM's picks from Ikea, because they are velvet (to work with the weight of the carpet), but the sofa is not bulky. So, I'd look for a fabric with some heft but in a streamlined form.

With carpet, too, I find showing some leg works well. I would pick a sofa OR a chair with a skirt (if you want one at all)-- not both.

Also, you may want to reconsider drapes. They are an easy way to bring in pattern and color, but if you have upholstered pieces + the wall-to-wall carpeting, they may feel too heavy.

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I am now thinking I may splurge and buy the PB basic sofa (83 inches) and the ove seat (61 inches) in off white slip covers. The nearest store is 2.5 hours away and I am going to go look at them next Wed. Any thoughts of that furniture in this room? Thaks again for all you insight and help!

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Make sure that you can try out the PB sofa. I absolutely love the look but have to honestly say that I don't find it comfortable at all. I'd rather get the IKEA Ektorp, but then, again, I like sofas that are firmer and not so squashy. Getting old, so I need a firmer seat and back. I also find the overpriced for the quality.

Do you have a Crate and Barrel nearby? Or decent Craigslist?

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I think you run into the same issues with the arms. What do you think of the catalina sofa at PB? Or even the carlisle?

It seems like you could go longer on the sofa as long as the arms are not huge rolled ones and the depth is right.

Have you considered slimmer, lighter weight chair(s)? A mix of wood frame and upholstery rather than the club sized chairs previously purchased. Goodluck!

And love the suggestion to add pattern and texture to the room.

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I think its going to take me months to do this room but thats okay as I want to do it right. I live in Iowa and we dont have all those lovely stores to run to to check things out :( I am going to Omaha next week to look at Pottery barn furniture.
Then I am taking your advice Noscoccermom and we are going to MN to Ikea the end of April to check out the ektorp. There is a Crate and Barrel just down the street but at this time they do not have the slipcover sofa in their showroom to check that one out. I do want to check all these options out. As for considering other chairs what NashvilleBuild42 suggested ...I think that is a great idea instead of a club size chair. These suggestions are so helpful. I do have one question about shopping at Ikea as I have never been there before. If I would buy the ektorp, does it comed wrapped in something for me to haul 4 hours home? Thanks again!

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Yes, IKEA stuff comes wrapped up. Just make sure they have it in stock before you drive there.

Do you have Craigslist?

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Yes I have craigslist, been searching then everyday! I was looking at the map and there is also a Room and Board store by the ikea store. They also have a slipcover couch!!

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The nice thing with IKEA slipcovers is that they are inexpensive and can be easily replaced.

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