How to convert tub spout mounting style?

californiaplayaFebruary 19, 2010

I am changing my tub/shower trim on my Price Pfister 0x9 valve. I consulted PP about what style trim kits would work with this. They said any kit model number that begins with R89. So, I got one, but the current tub spout is a slip-fit on copper pipe. The one that came with the trim kit is front-end threaded. So, how would I go about converting this to make the new spout fit. There is no access panel to get to the valve, and I'm not going to install one at this time. PP says all their trim kits come with the front-end threaded style spout, so I need to be able to get this to work. How would I go about doing this?


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Maybe there's a more elegant solution, but I would think a plumber could sweat on a female adaptor, and then use a brass nipple of the proper length for the rest. The trick is to get it to the exact length when done, so I'd suggest getting a plumber. I would buy the adaptor and nipple beforehand, in case there's not one on the truck.

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You could try getting a sharkbite fitting. This would slip over your copper pipe on one end. They have couplings with male or female threads on the other end, which could go into your new tub spout thread (which is an internal or female thread?) It's a DIY type solution but it would probably work. You might have to shorten your copper tube with a tubing cutter so the trim would fit properly. These fittings are available at any hardware supply place.

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Thanks for the responses. Figured this one out over the weekend after doing some searching around. I initially thought about going the Sharkbite route. This would have made things simple as I don't have any equipment to sweat (torch, flux, solder, etc.). However, Sharkbite fittings and every other quick connect I was able to find allow the pipe to freely spin. This wouldn't have worked as I would have to screw the tub spout on. So, I went the soldering route. Bought the gear I needed, along with a threaded male end, coupler and a couple feet of copper pipe. First time I've soldered copper. It doesn't look pretty, but it worked. I'd definitely need to practice some more if I was going for looks.

Thanks again!

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Which is better, NPT mount with threads or slip fit mounting to copper tubing for tub spout?

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