Fear aggression ** update **

toomuchglassJune 17, 2010

--------this is in reply to my older post "Scared dog" .

I made a seperate post so the great people that replied can see how their advice was taken. I did everything that was suggested . * Slapping my forehead - it worked ! *

Here's the original post :


I did a combination of everything that was suggested . Since I've posted , my son brought his dog over quite a few times. His dog is great . He's border collie & sheltie mix. Even though he's young , he had the patience to stand still and just watch while Poppy freaked out . He stood long enough to let Poppy come to him and smell him . Once she was satisfied "she wouldn't be killed" ... she started to gradually interact. Every visit would get better. Yesterday , when they came over ... I couldn't believe Poppy. She just ran and ran ( that silly kind of run with her butt down - like chase me ! ) It ended up - they played and played till they were pooped. I would have never believed it. It HAPPENED ! I'd love to say this is a happy ending --- but it's just the beginning , she's got a long way to go . Thanks to the replies to my post - I have to tools to at least start with .

**High 5-ing everyone ***

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EXCELLENT RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The feeling you get when a dog begins to loose its fears and becomes happy is one of the greatest feelings a person can have.

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ahhhh, dogs fixes other dogs behavior issues without incident...YESSSSSS.

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Congrats ...that's great news.

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lol i had to go back and read that post to remember, but I am so happy for you! Dogs can do wonders with other dogs! Sometimes they just don't need us -- they just need someone else (another dog) that can speak their language to adjust.

I suspect that other dog is teaching her that humans might just be ok :) Your post made me smile.

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